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Thread: Roe Antlers

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    Roe Antlers

    Hello All,

    i'm trying to find some nice antlers, or a antler
    any tips or hints where i might find them ?
    just wonder round the woods till i find some, or shall i go to the bucks territories where they were fraying back before the rut and have a look there ?
    Cheers Steve

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    Chances are slim of finding cast roe antlers!! Better asking a stalker pal or shooting one yourself!!

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    Try fleabay, seen them on there in the past, it will be quicker than hunting the woods they tend to get eaten quite quickly.

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    What do you want them for? I might be able to help, I have quite a few Roe heads/antlers. PM me if you like.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    i'm looking to find the antlers while walking around the patch i have aquired.
    mainly to judge the quality of the heads in the area, but also a very nice souveniour.
    i already have some nice roe antlers a skull mount of a 6 point buck up on my wall.
    i would shoot one myself bauldy bob, but as roe bucks are now out of season until april.
    also most bucks now cast, my best chance to assess the quality of heads is to find some cast antlers or just wait til spring comes round
    and i can asses the bucks in velvet.
    i guess i will have to wait til march-april to see
    as you mentioned monynut they get eaten quite quickly.

    thanks all

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