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    Hi, just thought i would ask if anyone has any pointers to alternative insurers for commercial/professional stalking, currently with NFU but with costs ever increasing thought i would ask here as someone may have found a better deal at some point, i will add also have BASC,BDS ins. for recreational use but this does not stretch to commercial/professional use.

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    Bttt. Please.

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    i use moorhouse for my insurance and can get you a no if you want
    google them or pm me.


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    The NGO now offer pro stalker insurance, or they will sort it with there insurance company. I think you need to call the main office number (and be a member).

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    Have a word with SACS.

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    Don't the NGO offer insurance for stalkers?

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    Thanks for the input lads, rang around today and it certainly seems the best deal available is through the NGO, who put you in contact with their insurers (Lycetts) and then you can get additional commercial/professional cover at a very good price compared to my current renewal quote, thanks again.

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    I've used NFU and am currently with Lycetts. We use Axa for the shooting syndicate insurance.

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