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Thread: entry shotgun for British shooting?

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    entry shotgun for British shooting?

    what would be considered a good entry level shotgun(double barreled) for British shooting.
    the baikal is very popular over here, but then we don't have the high volume shooting of a driven pheasants shoot.

    i have also looked at the beretta 686, but i find it to be outside my budget.

    inputs and recommandations will be appreciated.

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    Hia Steffen,
    The question is ...... what is your budget. Are you looking to buy new or second hand mate ?


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    the way i see it, a budget is irrelevant, the question is how much do i need to spend.
    if i can't afford it now, i would just have to wait longer.
    if i were buying a new 12ga o/u, which models will have sufficient quality but nothing more.

    but i was hoping to get away with it for less than 1000

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    I managed to fumble my way happily through several years of recreational clay shooting with a Baikal, never had a misfire or failed ejection, not the sexiest of guns but did the job admirably.

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    There are several around this budget at a new price. Lanber, Sabatti, Lincoln, Bettinsoli, Laurona, Baikal, Verney Carron, and loads more. But. You are better off getting something nearly new from the higher price brackets. I would suggest a searching for a little while to locate a good second hand model from a higher end brand. Beretta 686, to a Miroku, Browning etc. all these in over and under. There are some very good semi-auto's out there too, some which are not too far away from your budget at a new price. A lot will depend on your build, your physical dimensions. All the above have different dimensions to their stocks, some are heavier than others and barrel length varies.

    What will you be shooting mostly ???? It sounds like you are rough shooting, if so go for a 28 inch barrel. This will be manoeverable enough to be stable but pointable enough to use. My own preference is for an over and under, you might like a side by side but beware it is easier to use an over and under more effectively. Go to a clay ground and ask about, try a few different ones and see what you like.

    The thing is the more people you ask the more answers you will get, and probably more than one from these people too.

    If I were to say one, go for that 686, second hand. Look after it and it will last longer than you will.

    Hope I did'nt confuse you with my ramblings, it's a daunting choice getting your first. You won't go wrong with Beretta, I have 3 !



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    90% of the shooting will be like rough shooting alone, without dogs and usually 10 shots or less within 2-3 hours.
    i used to own a baikal, which was good enough for this use, but i would prefer if it was 2-3hg lighter.
    autoloaders and pumps are out of the question, because of Norwegian magazine regulations making it inconvenient when meeting people or passing obstacles.
    unless you want to use it as a single shot.

    as to type, a 28" barreled o/u is what i am familiar with, and my next will probably be one too.
    The thing is the more people you ask the more answers you will get, and probably more than one from these people too.
    unfortunately this is true.

    can't wait to get my new shotgun, if only raising money for it was equally as fun.
    thanks for your replies.

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    In an o/u, I'd personally give serious consideration to a second hand Miroku Grade 1 MK60 or MK70. In side by side, the AYA No4 is a reliable and well balanced gun that can be picked up in good condition for about 500....not bad when the new price is about 3,000.

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    good advice allready given
    if you can stretch your budget go for a beretta as allready stated will last for years
    also will hold its value

    for the main thing your going to be using it for a miroku would be a good choice also
    an mk 60 or 70 are quite flat shooting a sporter a bit higher and a trap model higher again

    my top bit of advice is whatever you buy whether it be a 100 pound baikal or ten thousand
    pound beretta perazzi etc is to get it fitted to make sure its shooting where your looking

    regards pete .

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    I remember borrowing a Baikal when the connecting rod on my beretta bust. I kicked ass for the rest of the shoot, wouldn't mind one.

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    The other option is find a good old English built boxlock non-ejector side by side - if you shop around you should find a nice clean one for a few hundred pounds. If still out of your budget then get yourself an AyA No 3 and you can find good ones for 100 and up. My Father bought a new No3 back in the 1950's and its a lovely gun and really well built, but they don't seem to have any 2nd or third hand value. I recentyl picked up a No3 Magnum for 200 and probably paid a bit more as it is a magnum.

    Over an under - comments would agree with above - Beretta, Browning, Mirokus, but don't discount the likes of Rizzini etc.

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