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Thread: cleaning cases

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    cleaning cases


    Been given a few hundred once fired cases . Question is how best to clean them ready for reloading. I don't have a tumbler. Someone suggested meths in a tub quick shake and leave to dry.

    Atb Steve

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    Hi Steve
    I clean the primer pocket with a small screwdriver, then when they are reloaded i wipe them with white spirit on a cloth, dont forget to full length resize the cases

    regards geoff

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    Bordersman, Buy an ultra-sonic jewellry cleaner (I was given mine), they work really well.

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    sonic cleaners are good i have one to be fair i have gone a littl eslack on the cleaning of my cases at the moment. i wanted to see if it would afect accuracy

    so im on the 3rd firing with the 222 now and each time all i do is clean the inside of the neck with wirewool and clean the primer pocket with a lee primerpocket cleaner.

    and they have been spot on still. i dont think it will afect them much. maybe if you where target shooting then yest a proper clean each time would be the way.

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    Hiya Mate,

    I am pretty new to reloading too and I am a bit of a geek when it comes to finding info to get the job done well.

    What I found out is that tumblers are great to make your cases look nice and shiney on the outside (Which doesnt help you much) but an ultraonic cleaner will clean the inside a lot better (Which has got to be more important surely).

    Read this article. These guys are 6mm bench rest & F-Class shooters and are the best shots in the country, I am inclined to follow what they say.

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