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Thread: Mannlicher pro mountain 2 in 223

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    Mannlicher pro mountain 2 in 223

    Selling complete setup bought from new last year Mannlicher pro mountain 2 in .223 synthetic stock, warne mounts, Bushnell sportsman 3x9x40. Wildcat predator 8 fullbore sound mod. All in immaculate condition selling as not used for months. If f2f there is also approx 80 hand loads hornady ballistic tips which will go through the same hole at 150 yds.

    Looking for 825 plus RFD charges no offers

    Scope in picture different to the one being sold. One on gun is a brand new Bushnell Sportsman
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    Willing to take a 243 in p/x for this pristeen rifle.

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    Now have 243 so willing to take 700
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    How much for reloading kit and what's included?

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    Hi thanks for the interest but the loading kit stays until the gun has sold

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    Scope and mod removed, gun + RCBS Die full lenth die set also lee neck die set and factory crimp die. Looking for 700

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    Nice rifle this, ive got the saem in 6.5x55. Love it.

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    It is a fantastic rifle but i have to many and i use my sako 243 for everything now so it just sits i have hand loads for it and can put then through the same hole at 100 yds (on a good day).

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    Hi mate , could you tell me how much for rifle and mod only - rfd'd


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