Ok. Recently obtained permission to shoot at a golf course(have to say shooting on well manicured fairways is the way forward!!!!) 5 mins away from my house. Having previously been a member there I know the owners very well and agreed to help them put with some Rabbit control. Have been going for a few weeks now and made a big dent in the bunny population. Owner mentioned that they typically lose the majority of the ducks on the ponds over the winter and suspected a local fox was calling from time to time to see what he could take. Said Id take a look. Arrived at 7:30pm and most firework displays were well underway, no bunnies around (likely because of the fireworks) so decided to take out the 22.250 and set up on a hole with 2 large ponds on it. Set the Foxpro caller out in the middle of the fairway and paced back 80 yards to an elevated position under a large tree. Clear visibility all around except from behind, wooded area on the left and set of trees on right separating the next fairway. Got the lamp set up on the gun and switched on the NV.

Put the caller on 3/4 volume with a new call I've just downloaded/modified slightly for 2 mins and knocked it off, had a look with the NV, nothing. Back on again for 5 mins and knocked it off. Had a scan from left to right and on way back clear as a bell a large fox 2 meters away from the caller looking directly at it. Knocked the volume down on the caller lay prone with the rifle ready. Turned the lamp on but had it on too bright(Yellow filter). The fox turned and looked at me and started to run to the right, I tracked him and coughed loudly (yes, I realize this isnt something that some of you out there like but I did it nevertheless!!) he stopped and turned back. I was just about to squeeze a round off and he bolted for the set of trees in-between the fairway. Gutted. Turned the caller onto another softer call (Vole distressed) and carried on scanning with the NV. I spotted him apx 180 yards away at the far end of the trees(realise im lucky to have a 2nd chance at him). I kept the caller on and watched with the NV. Holding back the urge to take a long distance shot I kept the caller on nice and low and watched him creep closer and closer. At around 160 yards I decided to get ready with the rifle and put the lamp on him on the lowest setting I could to see his eyes. The lamp didn't bother him(must never have been shot at or lamped before), he kept walking closer so I turned off the caller (Got to love the Foxpro for this alone). He stopped bolt upright under a tree facing almost directly towards me. I squeezed off the 50 grain Blitzking and hit him in the top of the chest(didnt exit) throwing him backwards.

Called for another 30 mins to see if any more around and then took a walk down to have a look at him. Paced it out at 125 yards. I have to say this is the biggest dog fox I have ever shot, its tail was unbelievably thick and the fox weighed a ton!! I have posted 2 pics to give you an idea of size. The first is 2 cubs I shot in July, same gun same length mod.