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Thread: The wife's approval

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    The wife's approval

    Hi All,

    My wife is very relaxed when it comes to me shooting (although i dont tell her how much it all costs) and lets me get on with it without getting involved. Today we visited the Southern Counties Shooting Ground and i insisted she had a go on the clays. She's only ever shot a .22 before and refused to shoot anything else. However, my insistance paid off and off she went with the instructor for a "25 clay introduction session". Anyway, to cut a long story short she shot bloody well missing only 5 out of the 25 which i think is pretty good for a 1st time. Even the instructor commented on her performance. She finished up and immediately said she wants a gun of her own! She's even keen to give the birds a go this season!

    I'm so proud today!!


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    So, does this mean that you will be hiding receipts from each other now then!

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    Thats great Sparky, my wife enjoys the clays but won't shoot around men. Maybe we can get a ladies clays day set up at Minsterley in the morning before the March and Shoot?

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    Yep I had Fran wanting a gun after shooting with all of us at the Quex trip
    its great fun when your partner joins in the fun
    Got a kool pic of my missus with an AK47 at a range in Vietnam mind you try as I might she wouldn't do it in a bikini hey ho

    Fran has already started on the birds eh Mr B .. mind you she was aiming at the clays at the time lots

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    Yes Legal I was there, Pidgeon shooting is somehting she is very good at

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    i took my o/h to a ladies clay shoot yesterday and she shot brilliant,really chuffed,one stand was a bolting rabbit with a springing teal on report and she dusted them

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