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Thread: What's your best result from one mag of rounds?,,,

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    What's your best result from one mag of rounds?,,,

    So I was thinking about......what's the best mag of rounds I've fired.....

    Then after foxing last week I realised when changing the mag that actually I'd just emptied out the most satisfactory mag of rounds ever (but not all on the same day!) It went like this.....

    1.... Roe
    2.... Red
    3.... Fox
    4.... Fox
    5.... Fox

    I got 130 for the beasts and the foxing side of things gets me plenty of free beer at the farm house so yipee!. Go on then what the rest of you done with a mag??

    Wait... with one mag of rounds...

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    Would that be limited to mags for stalking rifles?
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    Christ on a bike, I cant remember the missus birthday let alone my best result from a magazine.

    Probably 5 stags.
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    had 4 foxes in about 30 secs earlier this year dog vixen and cubs. also had 4 hinds in similar time frame couple of years back.

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    1 vixen 7 cubs with 4 shots out of my .243

    with the 30-06 a couple of years ago
    I took 1 fallow for first shot
    3 fallow for 2nd shot (unbelievable how that happened and not planned either)
    good dog fox for 3rd shot
    Roe doe for 4th shot
    missed with the 5th
    roe kid with the 6th
    as my 30-06 takes 5 in the mag and one in the chamber
    so a pretty good day with the 30-06 I thought

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    We were on a fallow cull a few years ago. One of the blokes had a herd of fallow stop in front of him. He took 5 deer with 5 shots from his Sako, dropped and reloaded the mag, and then shot 2 more. 7 deer in under a minute.

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    On a morning outing - 1 Red stag, 1 Sika stag, 1 Roe buck and 1 Fox from the one magazine all within three hours.

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    3 red hinds... this time last year
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    243 five fallow for five, only load four at a time,(carma thing) threw in the fifth round and shot the last pricket,
    12g five ducks one shot as they sprang off a pond, astra cyclope open cylinder SB
    3030 2 hinds 2calves
    .22 9 squirrels out of one tree
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    Just got back from stalking,Done 4 fallow for 4 shots in about 30 seconds.The old 300wsm only holds three so had to chuck another in the chamber abit sharpishI have just finished sorting them out and cramming them in the chiller.The best bit is that my brother sat in the HOT SPOT and didn't see a thing

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