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Thread: Hunting sites unite

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    Hunting sites unite

    A few weeks ago a couple of SD members informed me that both Rob Mac and I were getting a real 'verbal kicking' on another hunting website. To say that I felt hurt by the comments would be an understatement. However this site has reached out to other sites, 'Shooting Community', 'UK Varminting' and 'CentrefireUK' to sort out our problems, lay the old resentments to rest and move forward together in the spirit of co-operation.

    This could not have been done without the great work and ambassadorial skills of our very own Swampy.
    The named sites have agreed to share information about trolls, which was after all the very reason that the arguments started with a certain well known troll causing problems, animosity and distrust on all four sites.

    We are small community of hunters; we should help and support each other. Are enemies are many; we do not need to find more foes amongst our own ranks. So Id like to thank the members of the other sites and of the Stalking Directory for helping to hunt down the trolls and for their co-operation in making this new alliance work.

    Thank you all very much for your support.

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    I couldn't agree more.. it's high time such petty behaviour was a thing of the past, with so many outsiders and agent provocateurs that would do us all down at the drop of a hat why do so many of our community seem to have a some weird agenda to do the utmost to piss off everyone and alienate the very community they claim to support.
    This really is the type of support we can do without, I have long thought we should form a type of organisation akin to the NRA in the States with a "take no prisoners" mentality that actually stands up for the rank and file members. If we had this type of support, and all stood as one, maybe things would be very different now.
    Remember what one of the smartest guys the world has ever known said a few hundred years ago and is still very relevant today

    "We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle69

    "We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."
    Very well put.....

    Like SD we on Shooting Community have suffered a little with Trolls, but I hope the cross froum support we get and can offer in return should help move these people on.

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    Hi Gerry,
    I'm very concerned about one troll in particular and when he was on this site I warned him that if he carried on making libellous remarks about me I would have him court. He carried on making his cowardly remarks and lies on other sites. I now have all his posts, his email address and his real name so I will be hunting this arse wipe down and dragging him through the courts. Silly little troll, thought he was clever, he let his vainity get in the way and now he will pay!

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    Hmmm could this be the same one we took on together MrB. If this is the case perhaps you could pass on his details to me. I would like to make a point of perhaps showing him what real trouble can look like

    Is it the same name you mentioned last night on the phone, the **** that has been giving Rob Mac a hard time. Ohh dear he is in the soup now as we have all his details and true name then

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    Well the main thing is that we are not alone on this one, other sites have suffered and are know fighting back. All the fore mentioned sites share a great deal of members, its only right that we help each other out; 'strength in numbers'.

    I think we need a Trolls charter on this website though, agreed to by the members on how we deal with trolls. Personally I say inform other sites of their details, a mass rudiculing of them by all members, then ban them and delete all their posts.

    'They don't like it up them Captain Mannering'!

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    Sorry guys but why are you not naming this guy so that we can all avoid contact and post his ip address so that other sites can block his access.


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    Hi Griff,
    I will pm anyone who is interested in knowing his name and email. I will also inform the other sites. A lot of work is going on by other people to track him down. I also know that the Police are involved.

    I can say no more at this time.

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    This may happen Griff. But if a private court case is going to be taken out by individuals it might be more sensible to keep the Trolls details and name under wraps for the time being.

    As we have a resident Solicitor on site and Mr B also has direct access to free legal advice it is only a matter of time. This particular species of Troll has written a rather alarming piece of correspondance to someone attatched to this site. Now we have the Trolls details including his name this may well be used as evidence against him. What the idiot dosnt realise, although I am sure he soon will, is that all of his posts have been retained, I think his day is about to go badly wrong for him serves the **** right.

    Pay back time

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    Hi Malc, I quote: 'Mr B has access to free legal advice'. That makes me sound like an illegal immigrant! Bugger I'd better get back on the boat to my old country Kazackstan! 'Its very nice, thank you yashamash!

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