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    I have a minimoto for sale. I got this bike nearly 12 months ago as i had always fancied having one and got it as a bit of a project.

    When i got it it was difficult to start, but they are when they`ve been stood for a while, but after a bit of tinkering with the carb i got it starting fine. I have put a new set of clutch shoes in but it does need a new air filter which are just a few quid on evilbay.

    I started to strip the paint off with sandpaper to respray but have lost interest and no time.

    Pick up from the Sheffield area

    I would like 45ono

    Thanks for looking


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    How do the racks fit on it to carry the deer or do you tow them out of the woods in a trailer

    I take due to the size it's only good for muntjac stalking then Waddas?

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    Swap it for a minature pony? (sorry)

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    HAHA, it`s more bloody hassle selling something on this sitte than evilbay, but if it keeps it at the top, carry on, you pair of p*** takers.


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    Wadas if you want to see p*ss taking have a look at that fox that Malc is selling on evilbay

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    Sorry wrong thread. I was looking for a Large oriental ship of war

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