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Thread: Any success moving roe deer to standing rifles?

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    Any success moving roe deer to standing rifles?

    I live in Dumfriesshire and regularly stalk on an area which has a large population of roe. On Saturday we tried moving deer to standing guns. From dawn onwards we carried out three deer "drives" with three mates walking through large mixed forestry blocks with three rifles waiting at the far end in the field waiting for deer to cross grassland to another area of woodland.

    It goes without saying that we were militant on the safety front, high vis worn by all, maps detailing manoeuvres, permitted arcs of fire in fields away from beaters with a safe backdrop, and a horn to signal the end of the "drive" to permit the beaters' safe exit.

    These were all in areas where I have seen deer break cover before, however the deer were very uncooperative and generally doubled back through the wood. No shots fired.

    The deer may have been winded somehow, but the wind would never be perfect for this kind of manoeuvre? Also the weather was a bit blustery which might have made the deer prefer the warmth of woodland. No deer were seen grazing in fields that morning.

    Has anyone else done this? Any success? Thanks.

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    The way i understand the Law, it is "ILLEGAL" To drive Deer in the UK??????????????? And your write up sound's as this Not far from where i live i no of, after the Pheasant season is finished they are having Muntjac Drive's with Shotgun!!!!!!!!!! AND they got STOPPED

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    I'm not sure it's illegal providing no vehicles are used.

    However the moral aspects and in particular the safety one aspect is open to question. It seems to overlook the whole skill and fieldcraft associated with stalking.

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    Maybe you should have asked someone how to do it before rather than after? Not illegal or immoral and quite efficient if done properly. The key thing to get in your head is that you are moving deer not driving them. JC

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    What you want is a good hunting Teckle. You need to know your ground well and were abouts the roe will break cover, cross rides etc. It do's not take long to find out the right places to stand the guns. A great passion of mine hunting roe with a teckle and a combi. I have got a invite to hunt my teckle on a new bit of ground on Saturday.
    Tomorrow its a students hunting day at a agricultural college in southern Sweden with driven Moose, Roe and Boar on the menu so will be looseing of the Kopov.
    I love hunting with the dog and driven game .

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275 View Post
    Maybe you should have asked someone how to do it before rather than after? Not illegal or immoral and quite efficient if done properly. The key thing to get in your head is that you are moving deer not driving them. JC
    +1 on that JC
    Its only illegal to use a vehicle for the purpose of and i think more than two dogs.

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    I've done this successfully in Sussex with both roe and fallow where we needed to get the cull up with only a few days to spare. The estate had a long valley with one side fairly open and the other side wooded. We placed two rifles at the top end on the open side with proscribed fields of fire and absolute instructions not to move and not to fire at anything across the brook in the valley bottom. The wind was essentially in their faces and two of us walking gently up on the other side of the valley, our scent moving the deer quietly away from us and towards the rifles. I was one one of the walking rifles and my partner and I kept each other in vision or waited until we had re-established visual contact before moving on.

    This worked fairly well and the deer presented themselves nicely at the top of the valley although the fallow were far more cooperative being a stronger "herd" animal. We got a couple of fallow and a roe but most of the roe seemed to sense the danger and came back through the "line", we picked one off but that was it.

    The only minus point, and quite a serious one, was one of the placed rifles being unable to follow instructions and walking off his station in mid-drive. Fortunately I saw him and explained in words of mostly four letters that he was never to do this again, in fact he was never allowed to participate in a drive again.
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    Alright lads, stop kicking him for being honest.

    He's done nothing illegal or dangerous that I can see from his post or even bothered the deer more than a couple of dog walkers.


    You need to talk to some European stalkers mate, they are the experts in this sort of thing. I see that someone above has mentioned dogs, they are an important part of it as they can gently ferret deer out from heavy cover on a long, 10 metre and orange, tracking lead.

    Unless your valley is less than a hundred metres across you will need more bods as well.

    Raised firing points shooting in the opposite direction to the beaters and on a 45-90 degree arc of fire depending on the conditions are safest.

    So in summary, dogs, radios, orange, experienced steady hunters, raised firing points, appreciation of the topography and a rock solid briefing.

    The rest will come down to experience mate.

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    Richard Prior talks about moving roe in " Trees and Deer " - a favourite trick is to double back through ( which is obvious considering they're trying to hide- I know I'd do the same).

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