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Thread: Schmidt Bender 2.5-10x56 Flashdot

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    Schmidt Bender 2.5-10x56 Flashdot

    I am thinking of selling this scope, so thought I would try and get a feel for interest.
    It was on my deer stalking rifle, and the flash dot (Illuminated Reticle) is great for low light. However I seem to be more daytime stalking now and have replaced it with a 3-12x50 Schmidt.

    Reticle is the L3 reticle from the link below:

    A link to the same model is below:

    The tube has no dents or scratches, but does have some very minor mount marks to the front section of the tube (these cannot really be felt so are not imprints, but they can be seen in certain light). There are also a couple spots about 1mm by 1mm on the rear section where I scraped it taking my mounts off yesterday.

    Optically its fine. There is what seems to be a speck of dust to the left of the top line of the reticle, but this is not visible at low mag, and then becomes a little speck at full mag. Also there is a small mark to the objective lens. This doesn't affect the clarity of vision at all, and is only visible when you look from the front of the scope at the lens (i.e. you will see it when you clean the lense but that is it). I am trying to be critical but at the same time honest.

    Pics of the actual scope are below and are huge as I wanted them to show the details. I have outlined the marks I have mentioned above. The other marks on the lens are finger prints. The Butler Creeks shown are included.

    If the above aeshetics were to bother you, I think Schmidt will do a service on the scope for about 135Euros which I think would take care of the dust speck, and the lens mark.

    Given that the current price for this scope is 1720 I think 875 is a fair price?

    I am more than happy to meet at Bisley. Or I can probably meet within Hants or Sussex by prior agreement. I would rather meet face to face so you can be certain you are happy, and I can make sure the scope gets to you in one piece

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    Now 800

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    Now sold thanks
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