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Thread: Head gear...

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    Head gear...

    I have seen enough jacket/smock and trousers threads to last a life time.

    The head is known to loose most heat, so lets see what you use.

    My real gripe is my head wear. I have used a woolly hat for years but it rides up my ears and they freeze.

    We had our first snow today up on the cat and fidle so I need to sort my self out for this season.

    What head gear can you recomend for stalking and lamping that protects the ears and stays on the head when mounting a rifle.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm a hot person so rarely need a tea cosy. I wear a baseball cap when I need the peak to shade my eyes.

    When it does get brittle cold and my ears start to feel it I use a skier's headband.


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    Google this:

    "Prologic Thinsulate Wilderness Hat"

    Very warm, soft, and cheap!

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    I use a Haggarts of Aberfeldy flat tweed cap with ear flaps and neck protection but i haven't used it since my "accident".

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    Spring, summer and autumn I wear a Tilley hat, as far as I am concerned they cannot be beaten.

    When it gets cold I wear a fleece beanie, fleece beanies are the dog's danglies in the cold. Really cold and windy I might even zip on the hood to my montana jacket if I am going up a high seat, I do hate wearing hoods though as they cut down on your hearing.

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    Flytie... whats the difference between a Tilley hat and Syphillis?

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    Woolpower 400g Merino wool hat and when it gets bitter I put the 200g Balaclava under that. Great stuff wool but I would say that

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotch_egg View Post
    The head is known to loose most heat,
    I believe that the head doesn't lose any more heat that the same area of any other part of the body. I suspect that most of the stories relating to your head losing 80% of your heat are based on faulty media reporting of science. My recollection is that an experiment was carried out whereby people in fully body thermal suits were exposed to the cold. Their head was uncovered and, it will come as no shock to discover, it was estimated they lost 80% of their heat through their heads. This was reported as "you lose 80% of heat through your head" leaving off the important "when the rest of your body is heavily insulated."

    So, well worth covering up your head but also worth being aware that it is no more prone to lose heat than any other part of your body.

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    sealskinz beenie

    absolutely fact probably too warm if moving bout generating heat...but good for sitting in a hide or high seat.....

    canna recommend high enough

    got mine for 21 quid


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    Mmmmm ,
    If your a slap head with big ears like me then I reckon it would be something approaching 80% of heat loss !!!

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