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Thread: Hi to all new member from Kent.

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    Hi to all new member from Kent.

    hi every body i started shooting at the age of 6 up untill i got married at 26 then due to family commitments & a mortgage gave up & sold everyyhing.
    but got back into it about 2years a go,[ kids grown up and got my own life back] ive been brousing this site for some time know lots of very good info on here and friendley banter so its about time i joined up.

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    Welcome 20/20.

    Few guys from Kent in here will make you welcome
    In regione caecorum rex est luscus

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    Welcome on-board 20/20

    I guess you maybe spending a little dosh in Chris Potters then ?



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    hello predatorcontrol yes do spend a bit in potters

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