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Thread: Third eye tactical moderator. Pics and Info

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    Third eye tactical moderator. Pics and Info

    I wanted to replace the T8 on my .270 with something a bit lighter and the Thirdeye Spartan popped up on the radar.
    Initial investigations looked good so I went down to EVO engineering to pick one up.
    Craig the owner of EVO/thirdeye is a keen stalker and a bit of an engineering whizz by all accounts. He was just reviewing an article on on a buggati W16 motor that had some of his parts in when I turned up
    The mod is a very nice bit of kit, and appears very well thought out. It is both shorter and narrower in diameter that a T8, weight is about 250g's lighter. This Doesn't sound much but when fitted to the rifle there is no comparison. The handling and balance is hugely improved. The rifle no longer feels muzzle heavy!
    The mod is made from Aircraft grade alloy and is fully stripable. A Neat key is provided for this purpose.
    Starting at the muzzle end is an over barrel bush (a non overbarrel version is available) and a stainless muzzle brake type baffle arrangement which is designed to reduce recoil. There are then a series of alloy baffles, all of which have stainless inserts to prevent gas cutting and improve longevity.
    The muzzle cap also includes a baffle and expansion chamber.

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    I had a look at these on third eyes website last week and definately would of bought one
    if i hadnt already just bought an ASE S5 mod.

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    They look good don't they.

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    Cheers for the review pigglet,

    I have been trying to find some end user reviews such as yours for some time now as I'm looking for 1,or possibly 2 mods very soon, and these are high on the sortlist.


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    Massively pleased with mine - works well on both 25-06 and .308. Cleaning is simple withy the take down tool supplied.

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    Another Thanks for the review Pigglet

    Had a good look at this mod at the Gamefair excellent piece of kit for the money and I understand they can thread your barrel whilst you wait. Will be purchasing one for my 202 in the new year!

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    Got one of them 2 months ago, tons lighter than the T8, easy to clean and sound reduction is comparable with the T8 imo.

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    there a cracking mod and wont burn out the baffles like a lot of lightweight alloy mods being touted about

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    I have just been on there web page and seen there mods and I am just going to buy a 2nd hand dm80 to day oh well
    if you go on there video link and see the scope mounts being made fantastic

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    The whole building is like an alladins cave if you are into anything billet. State of the art CNC machines and loads of very nice looking wares on display. Theres a particularly nice looking billet alloy brake calliper as you go in.
    I had a look at the scope rings when I was there, they are very nice indeed.

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