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Thread: Advice on "Running In A New Barrel" please?

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    Advice on "Running In A New Barrel" please?

    I am new to this forum so I don't know if this has been done to death before, even if it has I hope that I can get some advice and help from you guys. I am about to take delivery of a Rifle that has just been "semi customised" and had a new barrel fitted and I would like any hints, tips or opinions regarding the "Running In" or "Bedding In" of the new barrel.
    The rifle is a .243 based on a P14 action which has had a brand new Satin Chrome Barrel fitted which has been glass bedded etc.
    This is the rifle in question:

    What I would like to know is if there is any particular preperation that I should do to the barrel before I start to fire/zero the rifle, what sort of "cleaning regime" I should adopt while "running the barrel in" - i.e. Clean after each shot for so many shots etc, and if so for how many shots, and how many shots (On average) should I think about using to settle the barrel in, and of course the best way to treat (Clean) the rifle in the long term to get the best out of it.
    Up to now I have always had pre-owned, well used/knocked about rifles up to 22-250 so this (With a brand new barrel fitted) is as good as a new gun for me in a caliber that I have not had before and I want it to last!
    Your help would be appreciated guys!

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    Hi there's load of diffrent opinions on this & most custom rifle builders have it on there sites on there views on shooting in a barrel just goole it. I would clean barrel out when you get just to be safe then once you start to shoot it clean after every shot for the first 10. Then clen it after every 3rd shot for 10 .Then every 5 shots over 50 shots clean but it can varie from person to person hope this helps.

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    If it was me I would do what I usually do when I have had a new rifle, make sure that barrel is clean to start with and then use it, once I had got it zeroed in I would not clean it again until the accuracy dropped off. However like v-max said opinions vary on this, as with almost everything else.

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    FB, welcome to the site. I always think these folks must know something about running in a barrel;

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    I got my first rifle "eventually delivered" one week before going on a trip to South Africa. I had a good email conversation with Chuck Hawks himself and the jist of it is;

    It's a hunting rifle. Clean the barrel first to ensure any factory gunk is gone and then stick 20 rounds through it to foul it. This will also confirm that your scope mounting is valid. Quick couple of patches through and then zero. Took me 15 rounds.

    Thereafter keep hunting and when you check zero and find it changes, then clean light or heavy (dependant on rounds fired) and zero again.

    Don't get anal.

    Personally I'll pull through when damp or dusty, only put 100 - 150 rounds through a year and give it a CLEAN every 12 months.


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    I went the border barrel route on my 308. And i have to say it worked. I used the forrest bore foam that they use, first shot foam'd barrel. They say leave for 24 hours in there barrels but it says 30 mins on the can.. i just left it till it removed the copper fouling. Took about 25 mins for first shot and took longer with each consecutive shot. By the time i was getting to the 10th shot it was taking close to 10 hours to clean. Then i just did 5 rounds clean and another 5 clean and called it quits. Now i can shoot a boat load with very little if any cooper fouling. Its easy to tell when its done with the bore foam, when you look down the barrel it will look shiny clean with what looks like a bit of belly button fluff sat in the bottom of the barrel. so just fill the barrel and wait till you get the bit of fluff in the bottom. Push a couple of dry patchs through and start again. Oh i did clean for powder fouling then i foam'd it.

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    Hmmm I am puzzled as I use the Forest Bore Foam to clean with when copper fouling is evident and I cannot get the foam to stay in the full length of barrel. As time goes by it disipates so how do Border get it to stay in the barrel for 24 hrs I wonder?

    I even place the rifle muzzle down on a pad so the foam stays towards the muzzle.

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    Hi i use forest bore foam too & leave over night & use once evry 3months & mine disipates too but dose its job which is evedent in the first patch through. I also think you should take care & read through links to running in a barrel & most deffo do not put 1 shot down ontop of another without cleaning. All you do is push any copper fouling left by the first shot. Its a process that can take time but i would just put the first 5 shots into the ground with a clean after each shot & try paper punch the next rounds i fire but people have diffrent views on this or how.

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    i took delivery of a rifle from russel gall of rg rifles, earlier this year....i asked him what he recommended

    for 1st 5 one clean fire one clean etc.

    for next 50 rounds fire 5 then clean etc.....

    he said to be honest after that 50 most folks got pissed off and didnt bother just went back to their own cleaning routine.

    i went out fired one cleaned it etc for the first 5 ....just into the ground....then i zeroed whilst cleaning every 5 for 50 ...and now just every 5 to 10 .

    i dont find it a hassle coz the kreiger barrel cleans so easily and quickly it aint a chore.


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    I found this link that should explain everything that you need to know about this complex process.

    The Rifleman's Journal: Equipment: Barrel Break-In

    Good luck. JCS

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