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Thread: schmidt bender no4 or no7 recticle?.

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    schmidt bender no4 or no7 recticle?.

    As title really, looking at buying a new s and b 8x56 which recticle would you go for ?


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    I prefer 7 myself.
    Much easier to use it as a rough rangefinder than the very tight 4

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    No.7 for me too, have one on my zenith flash dot and its the dogs watsits

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    I was debating this very thing this afternoon...........I am also in the market for the said scope. I was looking for the number 7 reticle but was offered the number 4 {fine}. I thing the 7 {fine} would be great if I could find one.

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    I have 2 s&B scopes, one with a number 7 on my fixed 8x56 and a number 8 on a variable (which seldom changes from 8 power)

    Makes no odds to me. Both do exactly what they are meant to do.

    you cannot shoot what you cannot see and unless you are buying new it should not matter as the glass should be the number 1 factor.


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    I have a 7x50 and a 8x56 both have the no7 reticle. I prefer it.

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    lads i bought a 8x56 sb, no7 in the end well chuffed with it, its the first decent scope ive had and what a difference.

    Thanks for the replies lads.


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    I've got 2x no7's also, perfect for stalking.

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    I have 2 x No 4's one fine and one normal on 2 8x56 fixed, I find that the tighter No4 really concentrates my aim. As to the fine or the normal I don't have a favorite.

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