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Thread: Would you sulk?

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    Would you sulk?

    Right I have 2 clients over for 4 outings.
    3 outings over and we have had luck....mal's man has shot 2 does, mine has had an opertunity on all outings but has not yet pulled the trigger. Just bad luck this morning nothing stood right and both evening stalks bad light beat us..seeing deer but not well enough to hit the heart.
    Now tonight on the way back and the 2 guests were bantering about a score of 2 -0(my chap was getting wound up) my chap asked what the plan for morning was.
    I told him I would take him to a special place which has a high number of deer and I've been asked to cull 7 does.
    BUT they have a fox problem and we would have to shoot any foxes on sight.
    He refused so I said well I will take my rifle also to kill any we see as it is part of my rent.
    He still refused so I said fine we'll go somewhere else then where the foxes aren't common.
    The damage was now done. His toys were out.....
    He would stay in his room while I took his mate out.
    Saying he paid to stalk deer not shoot foxes?
    I can to a point understand this but I explained a single shot will not 90% of the time bother deer.
    He was adamant.
    He would rather miss the morning stalk on the slim chance he might be asked to shoot a fox???
    This is the first time in probably 600 or so outings I have had an issue.
    Anyway I'm booked up till mid Jan so can do without clients who sulk.
    Needless to say hes staying at the pub in the morning and mal is having a lie in.

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    The guy just doesn't have it in him I'm afraid he's a lost cause as a stalker!
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    What a TOOL , better off without clients like that.

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    I think you might have been better saying that if you shoot a fox and don`t get chance on a deer then don`t pay for the stalk.
    I reckon that would have maybe apeaced him as i wouldn`t want to pay for a stalk if i had been told to shoot foxes first.

    It`s maybe worth thinking about in the future.


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    Nothing to think about, I offered to go else where were its not an issue.
    There the keepers want them shot its not an option we shoot foxes most places ON SIGHT and rarely does it spoil a stalk.
    Keeping "IN" with keepers pays off ten fold they will tip me off as to where the deer are so you get it back with intrest.
    Like I said a single shot rarely disturbs roe.

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    Were you planning to pay for his ammo to shoot the foxes so you could keep the stalking, but as you offered him an alternative place to go he was unreasonable

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    The guy just doesn't have it in him I'm afraid he's a lost cause as a stalker!

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    What caps me is his disregard for his mates trip.
    How would you feel going out in the morning leaving your mate in "digs", sulking??

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    Now I am of the view that a paying client who has paid for an outing on deer shall only be required to shoot the deer that present. If worded well a fox is a bonus to many.

    Put yoursels in the clients place. I can shoot fox all week long for free, a roe however is what I am after, on an paid outing, I have a 90% chance after I blasted a ginger fecker.... Or 100% if I wait out a deer.

    IMHO my stalker who I am paying to be with right now puts in some of his own time to shoot a couple of fox this season and dump them on the land owners drive so they see the work put in by the stalker would be valid.


    I want a roe thats what I pay for.

    This post has annoyed me, Fox or Roe, I know what I pay for.

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    As an ex keeper, that would have made my day, how I hate foxes. But I think the guy used this as a get out, he was obviously feeling underpressure by his mate and as you said threw his toys out, this gave him the excuse he was looking for. Just a thought.

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