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Thread: Anyone got an X-Bolt in 7-08?

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    Anyone got an X-Bolt in 7-08?

    Dear all

    As per the title.

    I just wondered if anyone has one in 7-08 and if they are a stock item at the importers or are they special order?



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    i,ve got a x-bolt in 7-08 there a special order and don,t come screw cut from the factory.took about 2 months to arrive.

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    Thanks Sako

    just the info I was after.

    Thanks v much.

    Are you pleased with it accuracy wise?

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    yeh accurracy is good once you find a round that they like,mine did,nt like remmy core-lokt 140 grain,but loves the 140 federal fusion and shoots reasonable groups with the privi partisan,where about in the country are you?i,m off to carlton moor range in the next week or so to zero it with a new zeiss diavari scope and some home loads if you want to have a look or try it.

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    I am in Cheshire Sako and I know Mike D at the range and have used the excellent facilities there. Also thank you for the offer to meet up etc.

    Basically I am interested in the design of this rifle as to me it looks excellent value for money but what I have in mind is to get one and then develop a load for it and then sell it on. As I say I just wanted to see what they are like by owning one and getting to know it in that context.

    Thanks for the kind offer all the same.

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    Out of interest .............. why?

    (no obligation to answer but surely you are going to loose out, there must be a reason)

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    No problem at all Dan

    Yes I will lose out but to me it is the interest of owning one and having the interest to get it to shoot etc. The cost of that pleasure being the difference between new and second hand price.

    The X Bolt to me looks like an excellent design for an off the shelf rifle and I just want to see first hand myself.



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    Im looking forward to owning a 7-08 too Jon! Wont be for another 8 weeks though! Hows tricks?

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    Eh up Ben

    Yes all good thanks.

    Looking forward to when you get yours. Remember to let me know when you do to coordinate a trip.

    Did the repair on the Audi hold up?

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    Yeah, audi repair didnt leak a drip! What a star man! I just had it sorted this week, been an expensive week with the audi and landy.. I hope to be up near Christmas, would be good to meet up then and have a few drinks. The rifle wont be ready til mid Jan. Ive got a McM Swirly for it and HSP mag, got the trigger so just need to wait for barrel and put it all together. Ive also got the reloading gear if you do want to borrow a set of dies in the meantime.

    Have you been successful recently?

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