A guy meets this amazingly attractive woman at his bus stop and they get chatting.
After a while he says " You are truly stunning and I think we should marry!!"

The woman says that this as an insane idea as they do not know each other, but the guy is very persuasive , " Take a gamble , my angel, life is too short, we can get to know each other as we go along!!! " .

Well , she reluctantly agrees and after the swiftly arranged nuptials they jet off on a sun drenched honeymoon.

After the first night of unbridled animal passion, they settle down by the pool and start to enjoy the sunshine. After a while the guy gets up, and, without a word scales the ladder to the very top diving board where he performs the most amazing high dive, full of full pikes half twists and tucks you name it, he does it, and enters the water without a splash.

He lies back on his towel without a word. The woman is amazed!

" Well darling" he says, "4 years ago I just missed out on a bronze medal in the olympics. I told you we would find out about each other as we go along"

At this she jumps in the pool and swims 50 lengths , quicker than most people could run it .

"Good lord, darling, you must be a fellow olympian!" to which comes the reply......

"No sweetheart, I work as a prostitute in Liverpool, working both sides of the Mersey every night but I can never afford the ferry"