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Thread: 270 or 7x57

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    270 or 7x57


    for and againsts, ammo price. etc.

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    Got both. Love both. Going to sell both!

    I know that sounds mad but I have my reasons.

    They are both fine all-round UK calibres but 7x57 ammo availability is a pain and I can only see it getting worse.

    If you are an enthusiastic hand-loader then you should have no problems with either, I used to be but i've lost interest.

    If I could only have one deer rifle it would be a tough choice between a .270 and a .308.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ricksmaile View Post

    for and againsts, ammo price. etc.

    Hmmm tricky choice for me, I home load so the 7x57 is not a problem as far as ammunition is concerned, but if limited to factory offerings, I would go for its modern equivalent the 7-08. .270 offers nothing extra for the stalking that I do now or have ever had the chance of, except increased noise, muzzle flash and loads of powder required.

    Apologies to the enthusiasts, but the 30-06 and derivatives do not appeal to me, with the possible exception of the .280. BUT thats all personal preferences .



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