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Thread: What junior air rifle?

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    What junior air rifle?

    I know this might not be the right forum but i'll ask anyway.

    I have a 5yr old and 3yr old who are desperate to have a go shooting. I'm thinking of the smallest junior air rifle so they can have a go as they are so keen.
    Which one though as it's a long time since I owned one.
    They will be in the garden shooting on a bench with sandbags under extremely close supervision obviously.
    any ideas?

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    It's good to start them young mate but I fear you may be starting a little early there. I got my lad a .177 Weihrauch HW 25L which is a junior rifle set at about 6 ft/lbs. He had it at 7 yrs old but wasn't really up to it then. He is now 10 and it is perfect for him. Started with open sights and then stuck a AGS 4x32 mini scope on it. High quality little rifle which I could now sell for much more than I paid for it! Not cheap for a kid, but what price do you put on getting your future into shooting?

    That said, I shot a rabbit (NOT MY FIRST) with a 12 bore sbs when I was 9!

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    The air arms/CZ s200 is a very light and accurate rifle.

    You might get a spare stock and cut it down a bit for the really tiny one.

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    I really like the Crossman range. Something like a ratcher with extended stock (take the small gas canisters) would be nice and light adn plenty powerful for them when they get older too. I have a Crossman rifle which will take out Pigeons at 30 yards. Check out Airgun BBS for used.

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    Hi Kelvo

    Agree with MS

    "It's good to start them young mate but I fear you may be starting a little early there."

    I had a Weihrauch HW35E and HW77k and good old dad had a rough time keep putting the pellets in that with four sons

    Still got the HW77k.. That was, and is a heavy beast..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I seem to remember the finger trapping potential of some break barrel air rifles used to be quite least my Diana was. If the trigger was inadvertantly pressed (I know, but accidents happen with kids) then the barrel would fly closed with the potential to trap fingers under the cocking rod. Hopefully this is not still the case?

    If you can run to it a pre-charged pnuematic (how do you spell that?) will be easy for them to cock and load and some are amazingly accurate - always a good confience booster. Something like an old Titan or Falcon should do the job. They are not too long either.
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    I csn remember my grandad giving me his old, very well used .177 when I was about 9ish. I didn't really have a lust for power which was useful. It was break barrell and if I managed to cock it then it can't have been that powerful.

    I moved on to the BSA supersport when I was 12 or 13 and still have the little thing. Haven't used it for years but I can't bring myself to get rid, and I know that one day a little me may have a use for it!

    Good man getting them going on it young. Crikey though... they are young!

    I'll check up on these posts with interest as I've lost touch with the air rifle world.

    Good luck with it.


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    I've been where you are now a couple of years ago.

    Basically my daughter is 7 and I got her a SMK junior air rifle when she was 4. Now she needed help aiming and shooting it at this age and it was a tad too young really to get her started. However, she did get a taste for it and I only got her to have a go when she actually asked to. She lives in a household where the entire family are shooting and fishing mad so she was always exposed to seeing guns around the house and hearing accounts of this that and the other or coming over the fields with me or her uncle or whoever to watch us test full bore on our range etc etc etc. What I am getting at is that giving her a taste at a very early age kept her interest active.

    Now here is the thing and this is why I have replied to this thread as just last weekend we got her SMK out and started shooting balloons at 10 yards (this is a break barrel job in .177).

    I then got my old FX2000 job out and dust off and just out of curiosity loaded it up to see how she got on with it. Well basically it was 3 bells and the bonus ball. It all went click. The LOP is not suitable but she can reach the trigger with her trigger finger and the other fingers on the pistol grip. She was addicted and after shooting more balloons I asked her to put a group in. SHe did and it was less than the size of a 10p at 15 yards (rested in a dog gone bag). I then got an old knock down target out of the garage and she knocked it down time and time again. No exaggeration we were at it for 3 hours and I almost ran out of pellets.

    She couldn't get a complete sight picture through the scope but I then moved the scope all the way back on the rail and then the scope back as far as it would go in the rings and she has now got a complete sight picture.

    I went to the airgun shop yesterday and got some rat targets (like the ones you used to get free in Airgun World) and she is itching to have another go this weekend.

    She is defintely at the age where she can competently aim and shoot and hit a taregt.

    Now I thought she would be on a spring break barrel job until 9 or ten and then transition onto PCP but the key to her enjoyment has been the accuarcy afforded to her by using a PCP and also the PCP in question allows the scope to be mounted far back so that the LOP is virtually a non issue.

    The CZ one as Ghu suggests is one that was suggested to me for youngsters too. So I would say that is worth a look.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks lads, I would be doing the loading so no trapped fingers! I would shorten the stock I think. The balloon idea is great and knock down targets would be used as well. I am only getting one because of constant pestering so would only get it out when they asked because I would be outside loading for them. The recoil is probably a high concern, so would a pcp be better?

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    Kelvo PCP is the way forward at some point in the near future. They are much easier to shoot for them little uns however I did want my daughter to learn how to shoot with iron sights before letting her use a scope.

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