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Thread: A very dark night

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    A very dark night

    Out lamping last night with a mate on a farm where the rabbit numbers have been dwindling (someone keeps shooting them ) and my mate tells me of a black rabbit he saw on this farm a couple of months ago.

    I've only once seen a black rabbit and it was while stalking so never had a shot at one.

    For the first couple of fields, I drove and my mate was using the HMR, not many rabbits about but I was keen to evaluate the scope on the rifle (a Zieler 3-9x56). Well, early results were very good with every rabbit that presented a shot, dropping to the little HMR round.

    We moved over onto another field and swapped over, so I took the gun. We had literally just pulled onto the field when my mate cries,"Fox!". Now, we've shot this farm between us for over 2 years and neither of us have ever seen any sign of foxes, so I jumped out and checked through the scope that it was indeed old Reynard and not some poor pensioner's Sheltie out for an evening stroll.

    Sure enough, a youngish Vixen which punished me for my moment of hesitation by legging it into the hedge, just as I was about to squeeze the trigger.

    While cursing my bad luck we continued down the field when the lamp fell across a small dark shape sitting out in the field, "It's him, the Black Rabbit!"

    This time, I could track it across the field and the moment it stopped, send it some V-Max for Tea.

    I hadn't got my phone with me so had to wait until this morning to get a pic (after it had had a night in the fridge).

    I had considered selling the Zieler but think I have to keep it now.

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    Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker .243 - Predator 8 - Schmidt & Bender 6x42
    CZ 452 Silhouette 20" .17HMR - SAK - Pecar Berlin 4-10x50
    CZ 452 Silhouette 16" .22LR - SAK - Pecar Berlin Champion 6x45
    Air Arms S400 Xtra FAC .22 - Leupold M8 6x36
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    well done buddy now get back up there and slap old charlie. on a shoot where i go lamping we get a few black rabbits ( we think that there desendants of a tame escapey ) but we leave them just to see how many we can get running about but i must admit i wouldnt mind bagging one just to see what they look like up close

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    Hi Colster, We have on occassion seen black rabbits here in the Midlands. the locals refer to them as "Parsons". I read somewhere that they were throwbacks to the days when we had warrens. The warreners kept grey,black and the more common brown rabbit for meat and fur.Be interesting to do a bit of research to see if there were any warrens in your area in the past.
    Cheers High seat.

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