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Thread: plastic sleeves

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    plastic sleeves

    Hi all
    Can anybody tell me where i can get those plastic sleeve things that Chris Howard uses in his dvd of gralloching. I have searched most places so far and the best i came up with was
    on a tattoo site but they were far to expensive. Cheers.

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    Google or Fleabay "oversleeves"


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    Have you tried the gloves artificial inseminators use for cows or indeed vets use to calve cows. Try the local vet.

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    I think from your description you have given it is the same things as have been mentioned above that vets use. I get them by the boxload from our local farm supply outlet. Cheap too. Great thing about them is that when gralloching Sika stags I can pull them over my jacket sleeve up to my armpit and no smell to try and remove later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Google or Fleabay "oversleeves"

    fantastic just bought 100 for 2.49 thanks very much.

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    get mine from all sorts of gloves sleeves and plastic aprons

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    Thanks again, i will try them next.
    i have been looking for these for months, then i stumble onto this site and hey presto.

    cheers for your help

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    I get mine from justgloves too, quite pleased with them, they will however keep reminding you of their existence via email!

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