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    First Outing

    I was in two minds as to posting this but decided what the heck.

    As some of you will know after much running around I finally got my FAC and started shopping round for a .243 in my price range after many hours spent browsing forums and guntrader I was PMed by a member of SD offering a Remington Model 7 in .243 flavour, screwcut complete with a T8 mod, 100 rounds of Prvi 100g ammo and a Hawke scope bolted on the top. He was very up front from the start about the scope being a "get you started with a full set up" A few emails later and a trip was arranged for Monday just gone to head upto Lincolnshire and try the gun out.

    Amazingly I arrived within one minute of my ETA and the rifle was laid out ready for me to look at. The photos really didnt do it justice its like new, a refurbed stock including re chequering, clean, firm action and not a mark on it.

    I was then taken out to a deer hide to try it out 12 rounds later I was starting to get a reasonable group, given I fired more centrefire rounds in that hour than the 6 months previously I was happy so we headed back to do the paperwork. I was offered the chance of a fallow that evening but circumstances ment I had to make tracks so I headed home a very happy chap.

    Of course the following evening was spent admiring the rem along with a mate who has the 700 in 22-250 but been a soft lad and not wanted to get my new rifle wet all we did was admire.

    Imagine my horror today when at lunch time I was asked by a customer if I could delay the work this afternoon a week

    The sun was shining so at 2pm I headed upto the farm for a coffee and checked I was ok to go out that afternoon...After 2 coffees I headed home grabbed the rifle and some ammo, tacked a target to some plyboard and set off for one of the high seats on my permission. Im lucky that I live 2 minutes walk from the farm so 15 minutes later the target was set at a paced 100m, 3 rounds were loaded and fired off.

    The first round was miles off (though still on the target) the next 2 were within 2 inches of each other so I made adjustments to the scope, trudged back accross the field loaded another 3 rounds.Bang Bang Bang....trudged back and imagine the horror when I saw only 2 had hit the target and they were miles off the aim point!

    After a few minutes of head scratching I gave myself a slap I had adjusted the scope even further to the right....

    So another adjustment walked back the 100m 3 more bangs......Back off across the field....getting the idea yet

    By this time I must admit I was ready to say *** it......I obviously cant zero a scope and should go back to rimfires.

    So more adjustments were made.....another walk back, 3 more this time it felt good to good perhaps?

    The walk of doom followed and I had to take a second look 3 shots all in the same inch wide square

    By this time it was 4pm sundown at 4.19pm I decided it was time to try for my first deer....Now Im only allowed to take Muntjac on this permission so I installed myself in the high seat....Loaded 3 rounds and started the waiting game, sundown came and went then a movement from the spiney accross the field at about 300m a Muntjac was crossing the open ground heading my way

    I glassed him to 150m (I have landmarks at this seat so I was sure 150ms was spot on)....He arrived at the edge of the wood I was sat in and started to trot towards me....By this time the adrenaline is doing overtime So I took a few deep breaths lowered the binos and put up the rifle.

    At about 120m he stopped and turned braodside to me, a flick and the safety was off.......I lined him up and...................

    The little ****er started moving again trotting into the wood

    So that was my first outing with my first centrefire after my first Muntjac......Did I enjoyed it........Every minute (except for the 5 I spent being a plonker with zeroing)

    I hoping my next write up will be following my first sucessful stalk / outing.

    Meanwhile thanks are due to all the SD members who have helped me get this far.

    They know who they are....And to those members who havent relised they have helped but have done so by giving me stacks of things to read and debate.


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    nice one glad you got sorted in the end ,dont worry you will soon be tucking into a nice munty and what a feeling it is when you finally put everything together and it works out,all the best wayne

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    Good stuff. Ive got the remmy model 7 LSS in 22.250 flavour, also my first centrefire. Enjoy.

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    A great story Dak, it did make me laugh.

    I am pleased it all worked out for you and good luck for the future.



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    Nice one Zak,

    Made me chuckle..

    Great story and weve all done silly things from time to time.

    Good luck on the Munties and your stalking


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    great story, hope the weather gives you a chance to get out this weekend

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