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    Lack Of Knowledge

    I don't want to criticise too much because generally I get a good service from our local Licensing Dept however, how about this...

    I'm awaiting the return of my FAC following a variation request with another couple of rifles added. No problems so far. I even made it easier and contacted the local FEO myself who after the usual banter said he had no issues with my request and reasons. He sent the paperwork back to HQ the following day.

    A week or so then passes and I receive an email from him asking me to contact him to clarify a couple of points about the rifles I currently possess. I call him and he asks me to confirm what type of .22 Rimfire I own. Apparently I have described the rifle I currently possess on my application as an under-lever .22 Rimfire Rifle, Winchester make. However, according to my certificate it is described as a lever-action .22 Rimfire Rifle, Winchester make. Because of this, and despite the fact that the authorisation has already been passed by the head of the dept, a civilian employee in the office sent it back out to him asking for further enquiry to be done as it appeared that I own a different rifle from that originally described! She also wanted enquiry made re the Winchester part as she thought that was a specific calibre as in .22 Win Rimfire or .243Win or .260Rem as opposed to simply stating the manufacturer of said rifle.

    At that point I suggested that the serial number which was stated on the variation application would have been the big clue as it was the same as that on my certificate.

    Matt, if you read this it only highlights part of the saga in the delay in uplifting the rifle!

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    I phoned Hampshire today for clarification on a variation, wanted to know their position on whether to put .308 or 7.62 or both on the application to avoid any future problems...

    Think they could tell me? could they ********! I have to submit the variation and they'll come back to me...

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    Have sent you a pm which will possibly explain your situation.

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    Labrat, I (and I'm sure many others) have .308/7.62 on my ticket as well as .38/.357
    save a lot of faffing about

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    I have to say that I think you brought about some of the confusion on yourself by using the wrong description and terminolgy for your rifle. An 'underlever' is in my book an air rifle action whilst your rifle was correctly described on your certificate as a 'lever action'. That said it doesn't excuse the apparent lack of knowledge and common sense in your licensing department.

    Pleased it sounds like you got it sorted in the end though.



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    I purchased 100 308 bullets from a local dealer and he wrote it on my FC, thats fine until I come to renew my FC and I get a snotty phone call from licencing wanting to know why I was buying 308 bullets when I dont own a 308? but I do own a 30-06.
    How does anyone get away with being paid to do a job when they have so little knowledge

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