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Thread: Tikka M595 Continental/Varminter or Master Sporter 223 rifle

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    Tikka M595 Continental/Varminter or Master Sporter 223 rifle

    Still looking for a Tikka M595 24" Heavy barrel version in 223 calibre. These barrels were fitted to the Continental/Varminter & Master Sporter variants only.
    Would also consider one of the same models in 222 but it would have to wait for a 1:1 variation to be processed for a calibre change.
    Please note that I'm not looking for a 22" sporter weight barrel version.
    PM me if you have one to sell or know of one for sale elsewhere.

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    I have the Continental in .223 - took me ages to find one, and then find a reasonable one! I ended up paying more for mine that I would have a similar T3 - but in my opinion they are a much better quality rifle. Keep looking and good hunting - when I was looking 6+ months ago, apart from mine, there was one in Bangor I found on guntrader - here is their online shop although I don't think they have used rifles on here Gwynedd Firearms - top GUN shop for shooting in wales and north west It's barrel did have quite bad marking from the derilin bushing from a T8...but at least that showed it wasn't stored with the mod on. Might be worth a call on the off chance it's still there.

    Just found this if it's of interest - doesn't say if it's heavy barrel or not and I can't see the pics at present
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    Thanks for the reply. Nothing in the shop & can't view the varmint forum either.
    I've been looking for over a year now & finally found one on Guntrader on Monday in Yorkshire. Emailed straight away, but it had been sold & collected before the guy could even send me better pictures. Some lucky ******* got a bargain, sadly it wasn't me & as you might imagine I'm fed up at having missed out on it. Re. quality of M595's I know as I have an M595 Master sporter in 308 already, hence my search for a similar model in 223.
    Unfortunately, these are getting rarer than rocking horse poo!

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    just cough up for the sako mate its well worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornady View Post
    just cough up for the sako mate its well worth it.
    I had that chance, but I just don't like the new Sako with it's toy sized 223 bolt. That said, an older Sako...I also own! Hang in their mate, you know that as soon as you settle for less, one will pop up just round the corner!
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    Toy sized bolt? lol are you kidding? its big enough how big do you need it to be?

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    Hi Dazza. I've been looking for you as well, they're a bit thin on the ground.
    C U next week.

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    Didn't want it to get to this...but compared to mine, yours is tiny!!

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    Better going for the older M55 mate

    I have the old M55 in 22-250 cal superb bit of kit

    York guns have a M595 in 220 cal at present you could always get it rebarreled.
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