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Thread: bit of good bit of bad

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    bit of good bit of bad

    Out walking my BMH this morning when she suddenly veered off to my left and stopped about 50 yards away looking at the ground then looking at me repeatedly.
    I thought she was at it as she has recently been causing me a problem catching pheasants and bringing them back to me so I kept on walking.
    A few seconds later she trots up to my side, sits down and sticks her head forward, with a strip of deer hair in her mouth.
    I followed her back down, and there where she had been pointing was a dead roe deer.
    The good news is she is obviously always switched on whether tracking or not and I think I may now try training her to use a bringle.
    The bad news is some dirty ba5tard is obviously poaching my area as the deer had its haunches cut off and nothing else!

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    We are allowed in Germany to carry sidearms here one of the reasons being to defend oneself against armed poachers who do not want to be brought to book as there is a history of violence as I have been so informed, that would slow the pikeys down a bit to know that.
    hang em by up the gonads and make them eat the gralloch raw!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    hang em by up the gonads and make them eat the gralloch raw!!!!
    Cruel and unusual punishment, for sure, but an interesting concept.

    Poachers bother me a bit here too. So far, I know of one I reported for acting suspiciously on my land who subsequently, and in relation to another separate incident, lost his guns and 4x4, took a hefty fine and then chose to move house in consequence. That'll do for me.

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    I know a Keeper that caught 2 poachers in his wood one night, beat them both up and then tied them to a tree
    went back the next morning and released them along with a few words
    he did not hav any bother again for many years as his reputation seemed to get around
    might not be everyone's cup of tea but it worked for him

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