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Thread: BASC meeting with police in NI

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    BASC meeting with police in NI

    Here in Northern Ireland it is the case that getting a FAC renewed takes a long time, often 12 months and I have heard of people waiting 2 and 3 years. By the time the paperwork comes through the door it is nearly time to apply for the next renewal and most people seem to be without their FAC for one year in every five.

    Today I got an email from BASC in Northern Ireland saying that Jim Shannon MP has met with police and head of firearms to discuss the problem. I assume, though it isn't clearly stated in the email, that Jim Shannon was involved by or acting on behalf of BASC. It appears that the police and firearms people are working to speed things up and have agreed to meet again if there is not an improvement.

    So, some good news for those of us in NI, lets hope we see a significant improvement in turn around times. and credit to BASC for bringing this to the attention of the police and firearms people.

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    That's insane! Here in Scotland, at least where I am, variations and renewals are done in 2-4 weeks!

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    i expect my 141 will be done in less than a week,

    my last one was done over a cup of coffee, i handed it in had a cup of coffee in reception and had not finished it before i got the variation back in my hand.

    lets hope NI gets sorted out,


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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    That's insane! Here in Scotland, at least where I am, variations and renewals are done in 2-4 weeks!

    That seems to be the case in most places with some even better than that and you do very occasionally hear of someone in NI who has a variation or renewal done in a reasonable time frame (say less than 3 months) but you really have to plan on 12 months which makes travel with the rifle and the like a little tricky. I can't understand why there should be such a difference between NI and elsewhere as, basically, the process and law is the same so they are not doing anything different here. It is also the case that when they come under political pressure about the delay they are able to "catch up" a bit so they have the potential capability to process more applications in a day than they receive.

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    once had to wait eleven months on my fac here in NI. posted mine away 2 weeks ago and have been told i will be lucky to have it for easter, more than likely be may/june i think thou
    a mate of mine 6/7 years ago had to wait a year and ahalf to get his .222

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