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Thread: Nice deer knife

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    Nice deer knife

    SOLD - Its a frankin mint ltd edition knife, a quality blade of 3" sharp as hell , but never used in its own case, with a gorgoeus finish.
    (see pic), its inlaid with 9ct gold & would make a great gift.

    £SOLD posted . pm details please.
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    pm's now replied to with more pics.

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    i will have it, if its not gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewT059 View Post
    i will have it, if its not gone
    If Its gone, I have one you can have.
    Sorry Mr You for jumping on.

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    Andrew meet Martin A good guy with a hansom blade. 'Timberdog' thanks for the purchace.

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    I was bought this knife by the inlaws many years ago and it as never been out the pouch until 5 mins ago, only to find they have had it engraved with my name on it.
    So unless your name is Martin and you are looking for the above knife.....................


    I hope her Dad doesn't read this!!!!

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    Anyone who was interested in this knife, there's another one here :-
    This one is going for H4H. Please PM me with bids stating if you wish to remain anon. on H4H page.
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