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Thread: Shopping advice needed.

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    Shopping advice needed.

    Hello Folks.
    I NEED to purchase a new 6.5x55.
    I have handled a Sako wood/blue in a smaller calibre 1,200 and was told that my 6.5
    could be had at that price.
    I think I fancy the stainless laminated or the finnlight but don't want a big trip to a shop
    miles away to look at them.
    What i would like to know from other users,past or present is, do they all measure up
    the same. In other words are all the stock lengths and fatness machined to similar sizes?
    What is the Finnlight stock actualy like? Is it hollow and springy and tinny sort of thingy?
    I have a fairly good idea what the laminated stock might be like because I already own a
    Ruger Allweather stainless grey laminated HMR.
    Any help,advice or opinions would be greatfully appreciated.
    The rifle is for deer,fox and range use and my previous calibres were 22-250, .243


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    Bryan, I have the Finnlight 75 in 6.5x55 and the stock is not springy, it is much more rigid than the Tikka plastic stocks (sorry chaps but it's true). It does have nice soft grip inserts though. I will admit though that a laminate stock would be my choice if starting again, but in brown

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    Theres a Sako 75 6.5x55 on guntader in somerset. Looks good condition and the bloke seems a decect guy (Steve Beaty)

    I woul dhave had a look at it but have decided to get a .308 and gone for Thars Howa (and now have some change to spend elsewhere)

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    i just got a Grey Wolf in .223 and its brilliant. not sure how accurate it is till i get it on a bipod to help take me out of the equation

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