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Thread: Cheap, fun, reactive targets

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    Cheap, fun, reactive targets

    Durring the summer I took the kids swimming on the river Avon. Whilst there we saw some kids throwing some water bombs so after a quick barter and in exchange for some Jaffa cakes I had some and more importantly the source.

    They cost 1, come in a pack of 100 with filling nozzle that screws onto a standard lemonade bottle, varriety of colours and will fill up to about grapfriut size. Best size is about the size of a roes heart. Readily available from most corner shops and ASDA stock them in the summer.

    Simply fill with water and hang with a bit of string and off you go. When filled with water they hang well and dont blow about. They are excellent for the kids with the .22lr as explode when hit.

    In the summer I was having a bit of practice out at 300yds, so placed a large piece of cardboard in front of a backstop then hung some of the ballons in front of both. Took a bit to get the elevation correct but you clearly see the strike at 300, saves a lot of walking. Best thing cheap as chips and very portable.


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    Here's a few of my favourites when having fun at longer ranges:
    a. Water Melons on clearance - 25p
    b. Apples
    c. Orange Clay's - excellent for control shot before a stalk!
    d. Coconut - 35p - My FAVOURITE
    e. Balloons - 1.50 for 20
    f. Soft Drink cans - 0 empty, 50p full (better fill empty with water for the full works, and cheaper)
    g. Gas canisters that are almost empty, for camping stoves -
    h. Parking Attendants - just kidding

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    Rabbits with a 22.250!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Happy days! This thread reminds me of practical rifle shooting competitions, when on some stands we used balloons. 20 rounds in total on the stand shot from 200 or 300 yds, a balloon on both the top left and right of your target. Pop the first (left hand side) balloon to initiate your scoring, shoot at the target, but leave enough ammo to pop your right hand side balloon. Spare ammo left? Shoot someone else's right hand side balloon to stop them scoring Comstock timing too.

    Balloons can also be made into water bombs. Pineapples are good too.


    My mate, Mr Lee, can do that thing with balloons that makes them into funny shapes. Once I had a balloon giraffe on one side of my target and a balloon poodle on the other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Rabbits with a 22.250!
    I tried that but I couldn't find enough of the bits afterwards to decide on the point of impact.

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    Extra strong mints. .22lr. Happy days.

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    Plastic spoons 50 yards 22lr.

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    going back a bit, in my younger days i used to take pleasure with filling the backs of air rifle pellets with the pink stuff from non safety matches, when fired back to front they used to explode on impact, leaving a nice bright flash and bang / burn mark on my paper target!

    probably not a good idea in some of these modern air rifles but great fun in a webley tempest


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