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Thread: Virgin stalker

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    Virgin stalker

    Hi All, I'm new to stalking but not to shooting. Completed my DSC1 at Criggion last week so now need a variation to my FAC and look for a decent rifle! I've been reading the topics on the site for a while, especially regarding rifles and other gear, but couldn't log on because of IT problems.
    Looking forward to learning from all you experienced types - happy stalking!

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    am new to stalking too, rearly good forum. loads of good articles and knowledge is second to none. good luck in what set up you get . any ideas yet?

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    Hi mate great to see you on here, a virgin stalker eh I would like to accompany you on few of them hear they are a very rare creature these days take a lot of outings to spot one

    I will look forward to any trophy pics

    If it proves popular maybe we can open a new section along side the wild boar and big game

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    Welcome to the site, I hope you find it informative and helpful. We are a good friendly bunch, and if you hang in there you may find yourself with the odd invite.

    All the best


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    Hello Mike,

    Welcome to the site, I'm sure you will find all the help you need on here, especially with losing your virginity


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    Welcome to the site chaps.
    You are now on the right road to getting all the help and advise that you will need.


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    hi mike
    welcome to the site
    which area are you?
    as some members on here ,will surely know some one near you, where you can sort a decent set up from
    enjoy the site and well done on passing your DSC1

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    Welcome Mike
    You have come to the right place to expand your knowledge.
    This is a friendly and helpful forum.
    Are you Mike with the big van and the .308?
    All the best,

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    Hi Mike,
    You have come to the right place matey! It will take a while trawling through all the posts but you will find a lot of hidden treasure in the form of knowledge. Just remember we don't bite ask as many questions you like.

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    welcome , at criggion last week also , but there was a lot of mike, n micks
    so which one to choose!! if you where at lane farm its me! check out the red photos on this site , see wasnt waffling!! and if its teddy bear gone posh ! get a grip Boy. Hope all is well and you are out and about , regards Trapper also ,regards to the other guys that attended.

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