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Thread: Heads up on Duberry look alikes

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    they look the bizz, and no need for gaiters.

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    I tried a pair on when I went to Yorkshre Trading. They look ok and the quality seems fine , however they were a tight fitting boot. I don't know how they'd be after they are worn in though.

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    are these fully waterproof,wayne

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    Can't see me wearing them, but the wife however...

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    My other - and undoubtedly better - half has a pair; granted, she doesn't wear them for traipsing through the muck and wet like I get up to, but they do keep her tootsies nice 'n' toasty!

    Dunno yet quite how waterproof they may or may not be - they have stood up to the rigours of splashing through puddles in the school playground on the way to collect my daughter from school! How much more of a demanding extreme test do you want????
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    Look a bit of a fashion statement... i had a pair of Le Chameau "Vatna" boots and they go soft at the back of your ankle and blister your foot.. returned them and got a new pair of the leather lined wellies. Good service.

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    Sorry Stu. these are cheap knock off copies and no where near as good a quality as the pucker Dubarry's.

    Those that have the real deal will know exactly what I mean.

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