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Thread: redding competition rifle dies

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    redding competition rifle dies

    redding competition rifle dies is it worth getting some or would lee do just as well

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    depends what you want out of the rifle. if target shooting then they could make all the difference. for shooting vermin fox and deer you wouldnt really notice.

    the beauty of the redding comp dies is you can change the neck bush. as you no this will give you a more consistant neck size.
    it has the micrometre top which is very handy when seating bullets and you want that bit of adjustment,

    i have the standard redding dies for 222 and for my 22/250 i have a standard rcbs neck die and a rcbs comp seating die. what i like about the rcbs comp seater die is its got micrometre but also got a window in the side of the die. pull the ram arm up so it touches the case. drop the bullet in the window and it hold's it for you and keeps the bullet in the right postion.

    i did think about a redding neck bushing die but the standard rcbs die seams to be doing the job well and i get superb groups with 222 and 22/250 so good enough for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by tolley View Post
    redding competition rifle dies is it worth getting some or would lee do just as well
    I have these for a .243 and they cost me 190. Are they worth it ???

    Well I can group at 250yds with 1" groups and my ES and SD are about 20 and 10 respectively.

    My mate uses bog standard dies and his groups are 3" at 250yds and his ES is 80 and SD is 46.

    The decision is yours.

    The dies will not guarantee better accuracy and good ES and SD, but what it will do is give you better control over neck tension and seating. If you use the dies correctly you have the tools to hand to improve accuracy. If you dont have them you haven't got the requisite tools.

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    As newbie to reloading I bought the deluxe die set (the forster Bench rest set i ordered didn't turn up), I now wish I'd gone for a micrometer seating die. I'm sure it would make changing seating depth easier, especially when you are developing loads and doing batches of 10 all with varying COL's.

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    The redding comp die is the mutts nuts so to speak, it will give you more concentric round that should be more accurate. I noticed an improvement in accuracy when I went from lee and hornady dies to the redding comp dies. They are expensive but in my opinion worth it.


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    thanks for thr replys i like the idea of having a micrometer it must make seating a lot easyer and more accurate,im using lee delux at the mo.

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    Redding must live you you guys. There are a dozen factors that will influence accuracy other than the dies. As a micrometer seater: They are OK to have but if you take the seating stem of your current set and count the thread pitch (number of threads per inch) you can do the math and determine how much depth you gain per turn of the seater. Once you know that it's pretty easy to accurately determine adjustments of seating depth. It takes about 5 minutes, a 1" rule, and a pocket calculator but it's not that hard.~Muir

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    do they sell the seating dies on there own or as a set.anyone seen some good deals on these dies.

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    You can order direct from Sinclair in the states Tolley there is a saving to be made but they will take 10-14 days to get here
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