Hello, I've been shooting since I was taught by my maths teacher (TA officer) when I was at school, most of my shooting since then has been at ranges, but with a little rabbiting and a few pigeons shot too. I did my DSC1 a couple of years ago but haven't got round to putting it into practice yet. I own a few rifles and a shotgun. A couple of .308's and a .22RF. Shotgun is a semi auto (needed due to a motorbike accident, metal plates in my face!).

My range shooting has been mostly on military ranges distances from 300yds to 1200yds. I had to sell a couple of my rifles when I lost my job just under 2 years ago, but still have the .308 and .22RD and am in the process of buying the other .308.

Really looking to get into stalking properly, I'm more interested in the stalking rather than high seats as I do a fair bit of bushcraft and the tracking is the bit that I love. Plus the meat once the quarry is shot!!

Have seen this forum a couple of times when I've been searching for information and it seems to be right up my street, hence joining.

Looking forward to some question asking and some friendly banter!