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Thread: out for roe tommorow,cant wait!!!!

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    out for roe tommorow,cant wait!!!!

    Out for the does tommorow,and can't wait,I feel like a kid at Xmas!!shot quite a few deer this year,red and roe bucks but there is nothing like being out in Autumn!!the wife thinks I am sad,just cleaned my rifle,sharpened my knife,ready to go!anybody else prefer does to bucks!!

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    The autumn and winter are are best for me to its just that everything feels right,no silly hrs getting up early going to bed late,not so many of those lovely ticks around,the cover is down and the leaves are off,but i do think january are feb are the best of wife thinks the same as yours ,.she aks why do you want to sit and wait in the freezing cold when you could be in front of the fire , its because we love it, .

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    Have to agree my mrs thinks the same, maybe they should start their own forum!! I love the doe season, prefer the venison from a doe much better quality. Im going up the shoot on the 6th of december and Im exactly the same, god knows what I will be like the night before!!!

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    Out after does my self still really like being out but cant say i prefare it the spring bucks is best for me but i do like the cold frosty mornings.

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    Yes the spring bucks are good after seeing them in velevt in febuary and than catcing up with them again in may to see how they look.but still the frost and snow are still the best

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    Frost and low cover are great but the frozen sausage fingers on the rifle bit I don't miss in the summer!

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    Just back home,had a good days sport!!seen quite a few deer this morning,and bagged a doe!!not a young deer,but no kids with her.we saw 2 bucks as well,1 beauty whom I haven't seen before,and 1 who has already cast his antlers.went home had breakfast,went back out along the foreshore and bagged 2 geese and a pair of mallard.good times!!!!

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    Welldone BB sounds like you had a blast (pardon the pun )

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    Aye was great,going to do something different with the ducks and geese,a pal of mine suggested burgers,so I think I'll get the mincer out and give it a go!

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    tommorow is my first outing on my own on a permission where serious culling is required as new planting is taking place.
    I am for going on my own for once I have no one else to L2 canditates to watch no one else just me and the does i will enjoy every minute just hoping its not raining.selfish I know but its nice to do it once in a while.

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