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Thread: Harkila Rocky Rifle Sling

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    Harkila Rocky Rifle Sling

    a great design, in theory a real hands free asset if you have large areas of ground to cover before the stalk begins.

    Good points : great idea, comfortable to wear.

    Bad points : very poor quality, stitching is inadequate, poor quality workmanship, poor quality fasteners / materials and poor quality assembly of product

    unless you are prepared to totaly rework this item, ie reinforce stiching, locktight the fastner studs and fit washers, stay away from this item, or be prepared for the rifle to hit the deck!


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    Hi skippy

    Don't think i would chance putting my rifle in something that sounds so bad. Not the usual Harkila standard then.

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    I have one of these and have done for over a year.
    Stitching is still in the same condition it was when I got it and very strong, the fasteners all hold more than adequately and have never slipped, I can only assume you got a faulty one.

    Only complaint with it I have is it is maybe a bit long for a short arse like me, even when adjusted.

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