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Thread: My First Pig

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    My First Pig

    Having met Jon ( Rick O Shea ) a few times it was great to be offered the chance to get out and hopefully take my first Boar with him..

    Sorry this will be so brief as if i dont hurry up ill be late to meet him for a look at the fallow and boar this afternoon and evening.

    Jon having had the call from the farmer dropped the offer on me with just a few hours notice. So i was packed and in the truck about ten minutes later..

    The grounds are absolutely amazing or as Wadas might say "Very Deerish"..

    Anyway Jon said they might be on the barrel as we aproach and sure enough they were kicking the barrel round having a good old feed..

    Pitch black Jon lit them up with the lamp and they just wouldnt seperate enough for the shot..

    Off with the lamp and on with the thumping heart..

    Anyway we moved in a bit closer and on with the lamp i took the one broadside and offering the best shot.

    It dropped on the spot with the others making a speedy exit..

    After many hand shakes and a lot of smiling we were up the high seat for a few hours to see if anymore might pay the barrel a visit.

    Many, many thanks to Jon who is an absolute gentleman and great fun to be out with..

    and who will be also annoyed if im late..

    Thanks again Jon and see you in an hour..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I would not have thought wild Boar had fur marking like that, I thought they were all drab grey/brown.

    Well done Terry, how big (Weight) was it? It looks to be a reasonable Boar with the truck as a perspective to its size. I have never seen a wild Boar in this country, hopefully before I give up shooting in 45+ years, they will have spread enough to be living up this way if the conditions are right.

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    biggest darn Dalmatian I ever did see good photo Terry

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    Gloucester old spot????, Very nice though all the same!
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    very nice looking animal

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    well done tel, you should have gone to spec savers though, you shot a bloody friesian cow mate
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    Sodding hell tarry lad, you better inform the farmer you shot 1 of his livestock.
    Like the heading mate.........Im sure its not the "1st pig youve had"

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    Ay Up andy, will get some nice "Beef" steaks out of that 1


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    hes had some pigs in his time i tell ya

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    Well done Terry did it make to the other end of the stye before going down.

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