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Thread: swarovski 3x12x50 swap

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    swarovski 3x12x50 swap

    hi l looking for a 2.5-10x56 s&b for a swap my swarovski 3x12x50 with a td smith reticle in 30m in very good conditon with box and book , thanks

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    Sako, if you don't get a swap, let me know and I will try and agree a buy price from you for this scope.

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    still looking for 2.5=10x56

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    thinking outside the box for you but it may be worth contacting Macleods of Tain as they have a couple of the S&B in you are after and may be able to do something, who knows? its just an idea.


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    I take it its not an illuminated reticle? Also is Reticle in first or second plane? Currantly have a S&B 2.5-10x56 Zenith with illuminated Ret.

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