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Thread: Roe deer antlers for sale

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    Roe deer antlers for sale

    I registrated mainly because I want to help uncle. He's real nature lover and great antlers collector (he knows every tree, bush; every stag and roe whitin 20 miles from his home; always walking). I've never seen so many antlers in my whole life (most of them are deer- stag). My uncle collect them for past 15 years.
    Some time ago he received a magazine with roe antlers pictures. It says that roe deer antlers in UK are the strongest in whole Europe ( at least were in 1985-1999). So my uncle asked me to find them for him to buy (He lives in Poland- no internet- and I'm in UK). He did trade with people from Slovakia and Germany already. I have no experience where to look for this kind of stuff. Could you give me any clues or advice? He's interested in roe deer trophy only; over 500g of weight; possibly medal trophy.
    Thanks for any help

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    They occasionally come up on eBay.

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    I've checked it already. I've seen many interesting but there isn't any information about weight. When I talk to my uncle on phone, I describe all of these pictures but he says that's hard for him to imagine it if he doesn't know the weight. So he is not sure if it's worth to be interested in.
    Thank you any way.
    (sorry for my english)

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    You will need to pay a good price normally for a medal head i am not sure but i think that Monarc was pay 300 pounds for a gold and i here some going for 500

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    That's why I want to check how much is it. I'd like to see pictures. How much they weight. e.t.c.
    For example; in Poland medal roe antlers over 500 g cost about 100-150 quid

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    I think you will pay about the same here mate.

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