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Thread: 308 and 6mm br brass

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    308 and 6mm br brass

    I have the following ;

    106 sako 308 25 + postage sold pending funds

    200 6mm br norma 30 per 100 + postage

    200 6mmbr lapua 30 per 100 + postage all sold

    All are once fired

    send pm if interested.

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    .308 brass paid for with paypal

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    all sold pending funds.

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    had a vist from the police at 9am this morning the xray machine in the post office identified the .308 brass chrisc sold to me on sunday as live ammunition
    the police were very good and the matter seems to have been resolved just needed to give a statement and permission to open the package thankfully Northern Constabulary know what they are doing some police forces would have had myself and chrisc on the way to Guantanamo bay by now

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    jesus never had that problem before.

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    Think of the compensation you would have received

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    Its good that checks are being made and acted upon in good faith and proportionately

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    Daw i totally agree with you but it must be quite a shock at first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daw View Post
    Its good that checks are being made and acted upon in good faith and proportionately

    been a FAC for over 20 years and northern constabulary have always been very efficient and fair also well done the sorting office in Inverness for finding it

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