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Thread: Daystate mk 3 taking a while to charge before each shot!

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    Daystate mk 3 taking a while to charge before each shot!

    Not sure if this belongs here. Having a few problems with my Daystate mk 3. The weapon is fully charged but seems to take a while before shots to charge up the air. I pull the trigger and have to wait quite a while before taking the next shot! Any one have a Daystate mk 3 on here, if so please comment?



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    I have the same problem with mine ( i use air rifle on the rats in the barn ) i put it into Litts of Newport for a service but didnt seem to help. i am thinking of geting rid of it, i have had it about 6 years so if some one wants to spend some money on it the can make me an offer ......



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    possibly some muck in "pot" not allowing it to charge quickly enough, I take it that it's similar to Air Arms on charging (I've got the TDR in 22) the "pot" has a tiny hole and sits in the the air reservoir and if the rifle has been charged by a compressor it stands a chance that the filter is dodgy and has let some debris enter the reservoir and is partially blocking the hole, if the system is like the AA it's a complete strip down, I always charge from a diving bottle as it's well filtered and it's dry air not full of water as you get from ordinary compressed air, hope this helps....callie

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    Sounds like your rifles battery charge could be at fault. I have an Airwolf that has done a similar thing and it was solved by a solid overnight full battery charge. All batteries have 'lives' so if you've had the rifle a while, it's possible you need a new battery. Worth a shout to Daystate CS - they are really helpful.

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