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Thread: Laupa 6.5 x55 123gn HPBT

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    Laupa 6.5 x55 123gn HPBT

    Just got some Laupa 6.5 x55 123gn HPBT. Thought i'd give them a try after using Federal 140gn Soft Point. Anybody had any experience of, used these


    Guess, i'll be using these down the range, a liitle miffed at the RFD that sold them to me.
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    Yes these were purely designed as a target round and for that purpose they are a great round.... But i wouldnt use these for shooting any kind of game or foxes even.... Im from ireland and unfortunatly it is illegal to reload your own ammunition in this country so we are stuck with using factory ammo.... I have tried almost every brand of ammo for the 6.5x55 and the Norma 120gr ballistic tip has come out on top for deer and foxes.... This round is expensive to buy over here with prices ranging from 42euro to 55euro..... Hope this has helped you in some way....

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    Yep, have confined them to the back of the ammo cabinet. Will use them up when off to the range.
    Get some Federal Fusion 140gn instead. Also have some Laupa 155gn left.
    Had been after Norma 120gr BT's funnily enough, but 6.5 x 55 ammo seems to be very much take it or leave it and if you want to order it could be 6 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n1geld View Post
    Also have some Laupa 155gn left
    I guess by the 155 grain your referring to the Lapua Mega. I use these exclusively over here in Norway out of my 6.5x55 for hunting roe deer up to moose, I'm pushing them out at approx 775 m/s and the accuracy is excellent and meat damage is almost nothing.

    Here's a 5 shot group I did recently before the start of the season

    Happy hunting!

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