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Thread: Happy Days!

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    Happy Days!

    Lets give this a go!!
    A few days off at the start of December,a grand in your back pocket and you want 3 days shooting, where would you go for maximum enjoyment on this budget, guaranteed shot not as important as guaranteed smile!!!!!!

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    Might be an idea to look here:- Deer Stalking Opportunities
    Have fun Pete.

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    wildfowling one day would be a must for me and its cheap have a look at the basc wildfowling permit scheme, i went to poole with the dorset wildfowlers about 3 years ago and highly recomend them. i would also look at some cull stalking maybe fallow? so as you would be getting a few shots off on the cheap and to finish of with some walked up woodcock or snipe some where, but thats just my 2 pence worth

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    Thanks guys, I do a fair bit with the shotgun so was going to steer away from that this time but any recommendations for a few days with the rifle would be greatly appreciated!

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    It would have to be 3 days hind stalking in Scotland.
    Plenty of availabilty about.

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    If you want to visit Speyside for hinds or does, we provide high-class accommodation and work with several local estates to provide sport. If this is of any interest please sent me a PM for more details.

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    Thanks for suggestion, have been up to Perthshire stalking roe at Reimore and Pitcastle but have never experienced hind stalking, having worked all over Scotland for the last few years I have been nearly wiped out by a few but never repaid the compliment!! What is the average going rate for hind stalking and where best to find it, there seem to be a few guys on here looking but not many advertising so all help greatly appreciated! I may be up in Dunkeld at the start of December am I likely to be able to find some there or there abouts

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    How about a few days hunting wild boar with dogs in southern Sweden?

    For your budget, you could fly over on a budget air ticket and spend 4 or five days hunting boar and deer with Per-Martin Kling in Smaland, staying in his hunting lodge on the family farm and hunting across 1000s of hectares of Swedish forest. Rather than waiting around on stands as in traditional driven hunting, he likes you to follow the dogs, all of which are equipped with satellite trackers, then moving in fast when they are holding a boar at bay. Fast and furious stuff! Martin and his father have a selection of very tasty rifles you could borrow, so no need to go through the lengthy hassle of firearms paperwork either.

    Martin is a friend of mine and I hunted with him over there at the beginning of October - we didn't get to test the self-catering facilities much because Martin's parents kept inviting us up the farm for brilliant meals of wild boar and moose, plus Papa Kling - whose only English phrase was 'shut up monkey-face' - constantly plied us with shots of Jaegermeister and made us admire his shiny new Benelli .30-06 semi-auto rifle. Great hunting, great company!

    PM me if you want details.


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    For my money it would have to be Wicklow Ireland for the sika. You can shoot both stags and hinds at this time of the year. Just back from there myself and had a grrrreat time. Of course you would have to get there and pay for accommodation on top of your grand! Should do it all for a grand and a half. Plenty of deer and great stalking terrain, from high seat to hill stalking. John Fenton is the man to contact. I stayed at Glenmalure Lodge and can thoroughly recommend it, very accommodating to stalkers.

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    I'll second that - Gadget and I were staying at Glenmalure Lodge last week from Sunday to Thursday, stalking Sika and Red/Sika hybrids with mates from Dublin and Wexford. Absolutely fantastic stalking, deer everywhere - we shot more than 20 deer over the week, including three 6 and 8 point Sika stags and a couple of decent hybrid stags.

    The Glenmalure Lodge is an experience - the owners are keen on stalkers and make you really welcome, although the barman is straight out of the Father Ted casting office. They charged us 30 rather than 35 euros a night because we weren't there for breakfast, then left us a pile of stuff out every morning to make a packed lunch.

    Make sure your stalking is waterproof though, because it rains and rains and rains...

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