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    Christened the new rifle today
    Out at first light and came across 9 reds feeding and was presented with this fellow at 120 yards , PPU 90 gr stopped him on the spot , so you could say I have had a great day. Straight to the game dealer weighed in at 158lb
    Regards Brian
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    Nice one.

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    Nice one brian good animal there mate . How you doin have you been up to much how cum you got a new gun mate Neil

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    Good on ya.
    I think the game dealer must still be in the middle ages if it weighed in at 158lb (I thought we went metric while I was at school and I hit 60 this year) should be in kilos now as a good example example to the kiddys.
    Just joking
    I still drink a pint.

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    Hi Neil , got the HOWA from a local shop thats just opened up and gave me decent money for my old rifle so it was too good a deal to turn down , hows things with you mate , hows Scotland ??the midges should be less by now eh ha ha ha , hows Diesel doing good I hope .
    Thanks again Brian

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