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Thread: Solway Stalker comes good again.

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    Solway Stalker comes good again.

    Jase and myself took a trip to Dunfries for an outing on the doe's with Solway Stalker.
    We set out at just after first light on a cold crisp Scotish morning with a slight westerly breeze. After about 30 minutes we came to a large area of clear fell and stalked to a high spot for a spell of glassing. Nothing at all was showing but Colin thought there would be something further on as the sun was just riseing above the trees. We stalked on for another 15 minutes or so to another high spot and stood glassing the area in front of us. We could see a roe at about 1000yds browsing contentedly but could'nt see eneugh of it to decide on the sex. One minute it looked like a buck then a doe. I said to Colin it does'nt matter to me wether it's a buck or doe it will still be a nice stalk from here, when we get within range we will leave it if it turns out to be a buck and shoot it if its a doe with no kid.
    A plan was made and the long slow stalk was on. There was very little cover between us so the stalk had to take quite a detour and use what was available to us. We eventually got into a position at 120 yds from where Colin expected the roe to appear from a small patch of scrub and set up on the bipod. Following a short wait out she came still browsing obliviouse to our presence. We let her get well clear of the scub and watched her for a while to make sure there was no follower. I put the dot just behind her forleg and squeezed of the shot. She is now residing in my freezer.
    That was my roe doe in the bag, now for Jase's turn.
    Colin took us to another piece of ground that was very hilly which i think was chosen in an attempt to get Jase fit as he is a little on the porky side. Ha HA
    Anway we had'nt been stalking for long when Colin spotted a mature doe bedded down in the sun. From where we were there was no chance of a shot so Colin and Jase stalked around to get a bit of hieght and the breeze squarely in their faces. Jase took up a fireing position from a fallen tree and waited for the doe to stand and present a shot. It was'nt long and she stood completely broadside as if daring him to shoot which of coarse he did. A nice shot at 150yds.
    If anyone wants some good stalking with a profesional and ethical stalker then you wont go wrong Colin (Solway Stalker).


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    Good write up mate .Heard good things about this man too .Well done all 3 of you .

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    Contact Colin and get yourself booked in. You won't be dissapointed i promise.

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    does anyone know if the wildboar he offers are free ranging or enclosed

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    Definately free range mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shavesgreen View Post

    Definately free range mate
    I will second that !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by remington65 View Post
    Contact Colin and get yourself booked in. You won't be dissapointed i promise.
    I'll second that, hoping to go back up there at some point.

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