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Thread: A bit of scope help needed

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    A bit of scope help needed

    Will shortly be purchasing my first .243 and had been thinking of putting my 3-9x56 Zieler on there which is currently on my HMR and buying something else to go on the hummer... but currently loving the Zieler on the HMR a bit too much and had a check on the piggy bank and could possibly afford about 250 on another scope for the .243 and leave the Zieler where it is.

    I occasionally see second hand S&B 6x42's for around 250 but I've been offered a Leupold M8 6x42 for about half that, the question is... Is the S&B really worth double the money? A mate has one on his Rem 700 and I can't deny it's a fabulous bit of kit but I'd always understood Leupolds to be a pretty good scope too.
    Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker .243 - Predator 8 - Schmidt & Bender 6x42
    CZ 452 Silhouette 20" .17HMR - SAK - Pecar Berlin 4-10x50
    CZ 452 Silhouette 16" .22LR - SAK - Pecar Berlin Champion 6x45
    Air Arms S400 Xtra FAC .22 - Leupold M8 6x36
    Verney Carron 12b O/U DTEj

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    Leupolds are good value, the quality of glass in the S&B will be better than the leupy.. Also warranty on the S&B will be better. Ive had numerous leupolds and cant fault them. If i were in your situation, i would probably go for a better spec newer leupold than a SH lower spec S&B, but thats just me.

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    OK, things get a little more complicated. The Leup is actually an 6x36 (not 42), this may sound like a daft question but how good are they in low light?

    I've always been stunned at how well an S&B 42mm holds up as light is fading (probably more than my old eyes need tbh), is the 36mm Leup just going to pack up once the sun starts to dip or would it at least be comparable to say a 50mm Hawke (I have a MAP Pro on my LR which (whilst not in the S&B league) keeps going longer in fading light than I probably can).
    Browning A-Bolt Composite Stalker .243 - Predator 8 - Schmidt & Bender 6x42
    CZ 452 Silhouette 20" .17HMR - SAK - Pecar Berlin 4-10x50
    CZ 452 Silhouette 16" .22LR - SAK - Pecar Berlin Champion 6x45
    Air Arms S400 Xtra FAC .22 - Leupold M8 6x36
    Verney Carron 12b O/U DTEj

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    Opinion are like bums, everybody has one but here is mine:

    An allround deer rifle for UK use if best scoped with a variable in the 2.5-10 / 3-12 / 4.5-14 range.

    Quality is important for so many reasons. Leupold, Zeiss, S&B, Swarovski. There are others but these are my choices.

    Objective lense size is less important these days as quality of glass and high tech coatings ensure better light transmission. As long as you have the quality.

    If you intend to shoot small targets in good light you need a realatively fine reticle, if you want to shoot big targets in poor light you need a heavy reticle. A fine illuminated reticle may be the answer to this compremise but I have no recent experience of them to comment on.

    Good quality, correctly fitted mounts are very important. This may eat upto 100 of your budget.

    If you really are on a tight budget I would go for a 2nd hand fixed 8x Swarovski/Zeiss/S&B. At least this way you can either move it down the ranks of your rifles or, if and when you upgrade, you can sell it on without losing money. You can buy an 'also-ran' scope and it might be fine and give years of service but one thing is for certain, its resale value will be minimal.

    If I was you, with 250 to spend, I would eat rabbits with tesco value rice for a month until I had saved another 250 then, looking at your other rifles, I would pick the one I used least, flog it and then go shopping for a scope and mounts with just under a grand in my arse pocket and then spend the next 25 years reaping the benefits and smuggly advising others.

    Best wishes,

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    You pays your money and............

    I feel that when it comes to optics you are perhaps better with a lower end S/B, Zeis etc than a higher end scope at the cheaper end of the market. When it comes to low light however good the lens coatings etc are you can't beat the simple physics of a bigger hole letting more light in!!!!!
    I have had a S/B in 2.5-10 x50 for 3 years and its zero is rock solid and the Illuminated reticule is excellent - you aren't even aware of having a reticule!

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    I do not think you can beat S&B Hungarian scopes for value for money. I am quite happy with fixed power scopes, and am just fitting a 8x56 ex-demo S&B from Macleods to my 6.5, it cost 450. There is a second hand one in shooting sports magazine for 280 ono. The light gathering from them is unbelieveable.

    I do know some people who are fans of leupolds, one in particular buys mk3's off ebay and occasionally buys them for very little money indeed. Personally I prefer the S&B, if I won the lottery I might change to Swarovski.

    If I was target shooting I may consider a variable, or boar shooting (1.5-6x42 for boar would suit me) but I really cannot see the point for normal stalking ranges.

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