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    The Macpasty

    Just came back to shooting last year after a ten year sabatical (for no good reason!!!) and had the offer from a friend to go to his wood and shoot a deer / fox one day and pheasants the next. Long story short shot my first fallow and some cracking pheasants. So this year having sorted out my shooting in Devon decided to repay the favour.

    I came up with the Macpasty Goose, Roe & Pheasant as the Devonian repost to the Scottish MacRoyal. With the help of my new found Friends in Devon Wildfowlers we headed for the Ex estuary for the morning flight. Conditions were at best poor but the weekend was planned so we headed out. We were sited and sat and waited not long before the Honk honk of the Canada's straight down the Ex heading right for us. I opened up first and downed the Second Goose of the skein Lofty let fly and downed one of the others. I then heard him shout you nearly hit me I was horrified as I knew it was a safe shot and set about apologising. Not with the shot you Pil with the Goose he replied it landed a meter away. I asked him to pick it for me and I would sort him out with some Chum when we got in. Response? Unprintable but phase one complete.

    Phase two was the Roe stalk on the Friday evening. Conditions had completly changed from the morning and were now perfect for wildfowling but awful for Stalking however it worked for the goose so with the aid of my Stalking Daddy we headed out. I heard shots from the direction of Lofty in between the gale force gusts and torential rain so thought they must have grassed one. Three damp hours later on Bonfire night I head back to the truck the shots were way off in the distance carried by the wind and a pigeon shooter adding to the bad conditions. Phase two draws a blank the Roe have been very scarse down here since the rut.

    Phase three was the pheasant shoot, so as not to bore the majority of you stalkers that
    dont come over to the dark side (shot guns yuk!!!) I shot my usual Mr average and Lofty shot out of his skin at some of the best pheasants I have seen. What a weekend all polished off with a good curry a few Devonian champagnes (ciders!) and
    finding the SD website life just doesnt get any better.....

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    Good read matey.
    Started my own shooting career in the Devonshire countryside in the late 70`s.
    Though only used the Ex for flounder fishing back then.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Offering a mate some chum to retrieve your goose, mmmmmmhhhh! I may have to borrow that one.

    Well done, nice read too

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Hi mate,
    Reading you thread inspired me to do a little write up of our weekend so thanks for that. Been out this evening and oh yes the Roe have returned to Devon. Well acctually one has just left Devon with a .270 infection

    Thanks mate catch up soon

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    Thanks mate,
    Like the tag once I sort out my profile I will put up a suitable phot. Been out this evening and the Ro have returned to Devon well there is one less now, never normally head shoot but after a 40m leoard crawl and lying watching it for 10 minutes if it is that stupid it deserves to leave the gene pool!!

    Take care mate catch up soon.


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