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Thread: advice on .270 traj

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    advice on .270 traj


    A mate of mine who has recently moved to new NZ is having problems with his .270:-

    Been doing some stuff at a range with my 270 and discovered a few
    surprises: using 130g Fed powershock at 50m dead on bull at 100m
    about 2.5" high, at 200 spread about a bit but similar height to at
    100m then the shock at 300m at least 14" low.
    The box says pushing out 3050 but i reckon with that drop barely

    So at 300 it seems a bit out, but I am no expert, any of you guys have any ideas or is this the norm for .270 at this distance.

    Any advice from those that know would be really helpfull.



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    There is something badly wrong there. If he is really 2.5" high at 200m, he should be bang on, or no more and an inch or two low at 300m.

    There is no substitute for shooting at the actual distances. His initial zero is too high for a start. About an inch low at 50m should leave him at 1.5" high at 100m and an inch or two low at 200m.

    If he is more than 12" low at 300 there is something badly wrong with the velocity or the BC of the bullet. He needs to verify velocity with a chrono.

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    I am looking at a box of that stuff right now in .270

    The stats on the side register that for a zero of on the bull at 100m there should be a drop of 3 inches at 200m and then a drop of 11.2 inches at 300m. His rounds are doing roughly as per instructions. At 300m they should be doing 2330 fps from a starting 3060.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Woody, Try going to the remmington website .Click on news and resources then click onto downloads .Then download the ballistics software. It gives you a target that you can set for calibre and bullet and then you set taget range.It will give you the trajectory at set distances. Cheers High seat.

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    its fine looking on paper at what your bullets should be doing but already said you need to get out there and check for your self as there is no substitute for actually seeing it for your own eyes

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    Agreed, practise - practise - practise! I only mentioned the stats from the box to confirm that they are doing as intended. If you want to shoot animals at 200m+ then shoot lots at paper at that range. I would set the zero a little further away than 50m though.......

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    Don't know if this helps but...

    My 308 is shooting 150 grain bullets at 3000fps. I'd guess the BC might be a little worse than the 270 but probably not by much. It is about 2 inches high at 100m, slightly high at 200, for what I estimate to be a 220m zero. At 330 yards (i.e. 300m) it is about 11 - 12 inches low - the various ballistic calculators would put it at 6 - 7 inches low at 300 so quite a significant difference between theory and what actually happens in the real world.

    It is hard to tell without being there but your 300 yard figure might not be out by much and it might be one of those in the middle that is wrong - maybe you pulled a few shots at 200 or the barrel was just cleared or something?

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    .270 is my cal' and Federal 130gn powershocks my load.
    I am zeroed about 1" high at 100, never have to think about drop at 200 with red deer and I am about 8 to 9" low at 300yds with my current rifle.
    Sounds like there is something amiss with your antipodean pals set up !.

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    federal 130 gr powershocks are dropping about 7-8" in my 75 with walther barrel in it .federal B tips are a bit flatter ..

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    Hi Woody, I live in Auckland NZ tell your mate to get in touch, I do custom reloads among other things for a living, I have shot a number of .270's over a chronograph none of them make the velocity the factory claim in real life, even handloads seldom make it, I recently developed a load for a Winchester M70
    22" barrel with 130 grain Hornady SST's and H4831sc at 60.5 grains I was getting 2899fps Hodgdons load data says 60.0 grains at 3019fps tried to get more velocity but the group opened up to much,
    I can help your mate if he is interested my E-mail address is, I have been doing this for 40+ years

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